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Saturday Night Live | January 2017 in Review

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After hibernating on a diet of creepy robot pizza and Colin Jost’s provolone cheese, the SNL podcast is back in the new year! Rich Tackenberg (@richtack), Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType), and Genevieve Melville discuss the January episodes of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Felicity Jones and Aziz Ansari. The trio give their general thoughts on both episodes before diving into a number of topics, including:
  • The cold opens from both episodes
  • Highlights and lowlights
  • Memorable moments from unmemorable sketches
  • Cast MVP from each episode

And more! We’re always welcome to your feedback as to whether you like the new format, and what topics you would like to add or subtract. There is no substantial plan of podcasts for the future, but at any rate we’re happy to be talking SNL once more!

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  • Chanan


  • Charles Bikle

    Don’t like this new format. You guys should just have the media player embedded in the site, the way you normally do.

    • That was an easy fix. Let me know if you can play the episode on the page now.

      • Charles Bikle

        Thanks Rob !

  • Ben

    Awesome, I was missing Rich’s analysis!

  • Ben

    The Beck Bennett Pop Star character was based on this hilarious Instagram account that he made:

    I feel like the joke is how well he captures the corny cliches of each genre.

    I agree though it did not work AT ALL on Weekend Update–not the right format for this humour.

  • Matt Racine

    AHHH! so freaking excited this podcast is back. thank you mike! welcome back rich! and hello jen! enjoyed the format. weekly, monthly, whatever works best for you all. i’m a happy camper. already looking forward to hearing your thought’s on tonights sean spicer impression.

  • Mike Hasher

    So glad to hear you guys are back as I was watching this weeks snl with Kristen Stewart I was wondering what your thought would be regarding:
    Trump in this weeks cold open
    Your correct call on him hosting
    Kirsten’s expletives in the monologue and what that might affect in future hosting possibly
    Totinos sketch returning big papi
    Sean spicer and the live right I New York
    Celebrity family feud and Collin ending update earlier and quoting the host comment
    Also when they start update they don’t say here are tonight’s stories!

  • Denise Bryant

    Although I like that the podcast is back, I had a hard time following what was going on while listening. I wish that they would talk about one episode before moving on to the next one. I can’t imagine them talking about SNL in a month with more than 2 episodes in it because, I would be completely lost.

  • Matt Racine

    great show last night! wasn’t expecting it with the host.

  • Suzi!

    Glad you’re back!!

  • Lucy

    Loved the podcast, I was too bored saying “Oh boy…” by myself! 😉

  • redbluegreen

    So glad Rich is back to share his insight, and Mike and Gen and nice additions (we miss you, Rob). I hope moving forward you three take it one episode at a time, so that you can go sketch by sketch. It’s easier (as a listener) to recall the sketches when recapped in order and to evaluate the flow of the episode.

    Welcome back!

  • William Buffetta

    Fantastic Podcast, Def 10 out Of 10
    Loved Formatt, But Still Prefer Podcast 4 Each Episode

  • Laura Robinson

    Thank you!!!

  • Adam Bradford

    Great to have the show back!

  • Adam Bradford

    Personally, I’d prefer a show following each episode. I don’t want to potentially wait 3 weeks to hear about an episode that aired at the beginning of the month. Hopefully you can all fit it into your schedules!

    • sunny

      agree, especially with some of the very topical trump issues being covered

  • Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback! Sorry I haven’t replied till today. I thought I would start a new thread here, regarding format.
    We don’t have the bandwidth right now to do a weekly show like last year, so we are playing with formats that might work best once a month.
    We would love to hear more feedback around the format, if we are going to be covering two to three episodes per podcast (for now). I’m concerned about going sketch-by-sketch through a show that is two or even three shows past. We’re still playing, and open to trying different suggestions!

    • redbluegreen

      What if you did a fuller recap of the episode that airs closest to the monthly podcast, and then give the highlights of the other older episodes (similar to the way this january podcast was done). That way you are not discussing every sketch, but can still focus on the one freshest in all our minds.