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Saturday Night Live | March 2017 in Review

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Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) discuss the March episodes  of SNL, hosted by Octavia Spencer and Scarlett Johansson. As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts on the sketches discussed, as well as the podcast. We look forward to seeing you in April for Louis C.K. and beyond!

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  • Matthew Murphy

    Love that you guys are still covering the show. The Johansson episode was pretty good until the fish sketch. But you gotta reach the Kate MacKinnon sketch quota I guess.

  • Melanie Novak

    So glad you guys are keeping this podcast going. I agree mostly with your assessments of the March episodes. I do have to say that I was surprised you weren’t more enthusiastic about the Trump-Dog sketch. Not that you trashed it, but for me it was the sketch of the night.

    • Matthew Murphy

      The Trump dig sketch was my favorite since Chapelle was on.

    • Mike Bloom

      Totally your prerogative if you loved it that much! I enjoyed how creative it was in taking shots at the liberal mentality (which is sort of rare to find in politically-based comedy these days); as I mentioned on the podcast, I will always support them doing political sketches that don’t outright feature the White House. Maybe my enjoyment was a bit distracted from the dog of it all.

      Also, reading “Trump-Dog” at a glance really looks like “Triumph Dog,” which made me freak out for a second that I missed an appearance by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

      • Melanie Novak

        Yes! Too bad it wasn’t Triumph the Insult Comic Dog! Yeah, I liked that Trump Dog took a creative shot at the liberals. Regardless of my personal politics, I want to see both sides mocked 😉 Keep up the good work Mike!

  • Jason Lee

    Sticky Bun sketch gets an automatic A++ from me for the line “cold cow piss.”

    In all seriousness, I’m a bit bummed that sketch got such a lukewarm reception on the podcast, because I loved it so much! I think there’s more in this one to unpack than you guys gave it credit for. Octavia Spencer was pretty hit and miss as a live performer throughout the night, but I thought she nailed the delivery of her lines in this one (especially the “cold cow piss” line and “I don’t eat here, this food is garbage!”). It also never occurred to me that there should be an explanation as to why everyone was bad at their job, I just enjoyed the building and layering of the jokes as each new person took a turn at the cash register, such as the “will you eat?” line or the insistence that it was Christmas. I also loved the kinda smaller aside jokes, like Melissa saying she’d “try” to avoid talking about dead people and Cecily responding “nope, that’s required!” (something about the smiley, positive nature of Beck and Cecily’s confusion over why everyone can’t seem to get it made me laugh too).

    Anyways, as you stress in each podcast, it’s all subjective, but just wanted to go to bat for a sketch I particularly enjoyed! I love that the podcast is able to continue even without Rob’s presence, looking forward to hearing about Louis CK and Jimmy Fallon in the April episode!

    • Mike Bloom

      Really enjoyed reading your take on the sketch, Jason! I agree that there probably is more to unpack in it that what we did initially. I also thought there were some funny lines in the vein of “Will you eat?” and Beck and Cecily did a great job as straightpeople throughout the sketch. Like I said on the podcast, for me it was just a little too much weird. The simplest and funniest sketches have one person being the crazy one and the rest are just normal people reacting. I think having three people be weird simultaneously just provided some clutter that made it more difficult for me to parse out some of those fun lines you mentioned. But as always, totally your prerogative and I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast!

  • Kolohe

    I think I like the sequential format that you did in this one (and I think the last one) better than the ‘holistic’ one y’all tried out at the start.

    I thought the nitpick on the animal pornographer sketch was that they used a station callisign that started with W, even though it was a western city (which start with K)

    I’m with you on all your assessments, though I didn’t like the TBD GOP bit as much as y’all or the rest of the internet. Mainly because this show was always TBD on its comic take on Obama (even from a place of love) despite having over 8 years to come up with something.