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Scream Queens | Most Shows Recapped Ep 4

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Listen to the podcast:

Surprise! Chanel-o-ween has come early this year, thanks to this week’s Most Shows Recapped!

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) go back to school and battle the Red Devil as they cover SCREAM QUEENS, the new Fox horror comedy from Ryan Murphy. They’re talking about the first five episodes of the series, and determining whether or not the show gets a pass moving forward.

Plus, Josh fills the guys in on AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, the newest version of the FX anthology, also from Murphy. If you missed the news, we have a brand new AHS podcast coming your way every week.

  • Marcelo Sparano

    Josh, i really want to watch the AHS podcast but i have never watched the show before. What should i do? Should i binge watch the whole series before listening to the podcast? Or should i just watch the current season?

    • Josh Wigler

      Hey Marcelo, each season is its own story, so you can just hop in on Hotel now. Only two episodes so far. However, we’re going to be talking about previous seasons of AHS, so if you ever plan on watching those, you’ll have some spoiler action there.

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      If you’re a fan of horror…then I definitely recommend watching it all…each season’s only 13 episodes…not that much compared to a network TV Shows…it’s gonna fly by really fast. But if you’re NOT a fan of horror….and only wish to listen to Wigler and Fishbach podcast together (which is like Christmas in October, right now for me!! LOL) then as Josh said, you can just hop in on Hotel now. >_<

      I did hear rumors however that this season unlike previous seasons are going to feature characters from past seasons…which I think we've already seen in the first 2 episodes…and later down the road I think more will be revealed about how each season are actually interlinked with one another….so that's something for fans to look forward to as this current season progresses….other than that there's really nothing else to worry about….

  • AH

    So glad to see you guys talk about Scream Queens! The premiere night was so-so for me, but the past couple episodes were great and now i`m totally invested!
    How many Red Devils do you think there are? (I personally think at least 5) Do you think Chanel #2 and Miss Bean are really dead or are apart of the scheme? And now Denise Hempfield looking reeeaaal suspicious since now we know Gigi`s involvement and she was the one to hire Denise. And she didn`t bring any flashlights??? Come on now!

  • TyreeBiggums

    The first episode was pretty bad, but it has gotten pretty good each subsequent episode.

  • Chad Radwell is an incredible character. Even if Scream Queens doesn’t have any life to it (pun intended) after season 1 then Glen Powell needs to be given a spin-off to carry on this role in some other capacity.

  • Rubicon

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the Knick, but you should binge watch season 1. S02e01 began airing yesterday.

    It’s like Mad Men meets Boardwalk Empire. I’d be shocked if you didn’t like it.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      I am a big fan of The Knick!

  • Nick Fishman

    Very happy to see this show get a podcast, Scream Queens has been quite a fun thing to watch for me

  • Caitlin Ash

    Back off Quantico, Antonio! I love that show!

    This was a pretty funny recap, about a show that’s pretty disappointing. I think Scream Queens is trying too hard to be quotable and buzzy. I think it was marketed to teens, but the humor is a little offensive to teens. It’s basically making fun of their generation. But it’s also too silly for adults. Spot on with the assemsent about being targeted for college age.

    Emma Roberts is the best in this! Very similar to her awesome AHS Coven character.

    • Anna

      As a college age girl (prob prime demo for Scream Queens) I feel like I don’t understand the show at all. It’s just so ridiculous that I’m not sure if I should take it seriously or if I should be laughing at it like it’s a comedy? Either way, I don’t think it’s complex enough to be a good drama nor funny enough to be a comedy. The characters are just so unlikable. I can’t think of another show that has similar “supposed-to-hate” type characters that’s successful in the teen demo.

  • K ¥ L € $ ┼ R &

    You nailed why Scream Queens is amazing: every single character is so unlikeable and the tone is so tongue-in-cheek that you are rooting against everyone and basically hoping for their comical deaths to ensue. My theory is that Grace is one of the killers just because she is the only one we are “supposed to like”. I’m currently looking forward to new episodes of the show more than AHS because it is more digestible and satisfying, and brainless fun TV is necessary for relief from more cerebral shows.

  • Nick Fishman

    Scream Queens actually was a vh1 competition show, that lasted 2 season, about finding the scream queen type actress. The prize was a role in a Saw film.

    • sunny

      thanks! I thought I may have been losing it when Rob was describing it as if it wasn’t a thing. I’ll bet he absorbed it from some commercial while half asleep once lol

  • BobbyKe

    Loving the show. Love how ridiculously absurd the show is. The absurdity makes it work. Love the cheeky jokes about the situations as well. The past 2 episodes with the Haunted House & Maze have been really good

  • Trevor Douglas Allen

    Not even a mention about my favorite on Scream Queens, Chanel #5/Abigail Breslin.