Seinfeld: The Finale | Episodes 179 & 180 Recap Podcast


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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur complete their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 9, Episodes 23 & 24, “The Finale.”

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  • Hornacek

    The showrunners of Everybody Likes Raymond said (before the finale aired) that they specifically made it so that it wasn’t a BIG episode where things changed like in most series finales. They wanted it to be just another season finale. Raymond goes to the hospital for some minor surgery, and after it’s over, for 1 minute the doctors aren’t able to wake him up and tell the family. They’re very worried, but then he wakes up and everything’s fine, but they don’t tell Raymond. But he finds out later because everyone is acting weird around him and he starts to lord it over them. Then Ray’s father’s says “Hey! I stood there and watched your wife fall apart! I don’t ever want to see that again!” It was pretty powerful stuff cor an episode that was 95% funny. It ends with the family eating at the table with the camera slowly pulling out. One of my favorite series finales.

    I think the relation between the opening stand-up and the episode is that Jerry is talking about taking a meeting, and in the episode NBC calls Jerry to have a meeting.

    I think the woman with the ketchup uses it up before she gives the bottle to George; I don’t think it is empty when he first asks for it. It’s obviously empty when she gives it to him, but not when he first asks for it.

    Regarding Newman possibly putting a curse on the core-four before they leave, maybe it was Newman’s birthday and that was his birthday wish?

  • Hornacek

    If Akiva gives out his top 9 episodes in the next episode, won’t that give away if The Frogger is in the top 9?

  • Anna

    I’ve always liked the finale. I agree it’s not the funniest episode but I think the idea of the trial was very creative, it made sense to me and just overall was a satisfying ending for me!

  • homertownie

    Like Rob, at the time of first airing I thought the finale was hinting/declaring that Seinfeld would come back after a one year hiatus.

    On re-watching the finale, I think the first half hour is a very slow and unfunny episode. The trial is great fun in the second half hour, but the very ending in the jail cage is strange and a downer.

    It wasn’t a huge success so it will always be a disappointing ending to a show that could be the greatest comedy of all time. They didn’t try for a home run like “Newhart”, but the whole first half hour was rather a worthless setup. Any finale that used the witnesses and flashback would have been just as good or better.