Seinfeld: The Strongbox | Episode 170 Recap Podcast


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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 9, Episode 14, “The Strongbox.”

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  • Giovanni Orellana

    I think this episode would be better if they were digging up Farfel. Farfel no!

  • Hornacek

    Rob says that The A-Team was before his and Akiva’s time. The A-Team was in the early to mid 80s, so I may be wrong about how old Rob and Akiva are.

    I like how George pauses while describing Jerry’s “in” with Jerry Lewis. “You have the same first name … … … Jerry!” As if him saying “Jerry!” is a big reveal.

    I got the impression that the first scene of Elaine and Glen *was* them meeting for the first time. They don’t seem to be sitting at the same table – I assumed they were at separate tables and struck up a conversation. Their dialogue seems to indicate that they’ve just met. If they already knew each other then why would he only ask for her number now?

    I love the reminder that one of the only 10 (?) movies Akiva has seen is Ace Ventura 2

    I was glad that one of the emails reminded Rob about the scene he skipped over in the recap about the food (granola bar?) that Jerry threw out to Elaine but it fell in the sewer (nice follow up to him not wanting to throw the key out because he’s afraid it’ll fall in the sewer), and then George entering the building eating that food. When Jerry asked where he got it, I liked how George answered “… I bought it at the store” like he was struggling to come up with an answer other than “I dug it out of the sewer (a nice callback to George eating food out of the garbage). Then when he offers Jerry a bite, Jerry says “No thanks.”