Seinfeld: The Apology | Episode 165 Recap Podcast


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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 9, Episode 9, “The Apology.”

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  • Giovanni Orellana

    I look forward to hearing this podcast today!

  • Giovanni Orellana

    I wonder if Good Naked and Bad Naked is a subtle callback to the first episode, Good News and Bad News.

  • Giovanni Orellana

    This is one of my favorite recaps of yours only because you finally answered one of my questions!

  • Suzi!

    Backwards podcast: At first I thought something got screwed up. But I quickly caught on and I think Keev was right not to say anything.

  • Suzi!

    I think casting would tell her about the partial nudity and ask if she’s ok with it.

  • Craig

    The movie idea Keev have about being terminally ill person trying to see something before he dies sounds very similar to the plot of Fanboys (2009). It’s a movie set in 1998 about a big Star Wars fan (Chris Marquette) who has terminal cancer, and with the help of his friends (played by Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell among others) travel across the country to Skywalker Ranch to try and steal a copy of Star Wars Episode I so he can watch it before he dies.

    Here’s a better plot that I thought of for this episode. Jerry doesn’t want to do a wet run of a shower with Kramer, so at one point Kramer sees Melissa and asks if she can show him how to properly shower. She does in Jerry’s shower and Jerry walks in on her showing Kramer how to shower. Jerry breaks up with her because he feels that she is too open about being naked and doesn’t understand the “Naked Rules”.

  • Giovanni Orellana

    Kramer’s job is mooching off Jerry, which he shouldn’t stop!

  • Hornacek

    Regarding Spader’s “and” cast credit, Wayne Knight was upgraded after a few seasons on Seinfeld from just being listed in the guest star credits with everyone else to an “and Wayne Knight as Newman” credit. I can’t remember which season this was but it was around the time the character took off. And it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the time he became a full cast member on Third Rock From The Sun.

    When Elaine touches Peggy’ s water bottle and she touches the cap, I don’t think it’s a screw-off cap. I think it’s the type of water bottle where you pull up the cap to open it but the cap stays attached to the bottle. So Elaine has touched the part of the bottle that Peggy would put in her mouth to drink, or that the water would come out of if she just squirted it into her mouth. So that’s a bit more “germy” then Elaine just touching the outside of a screw-off cap.

    When Rob and Akiva were talking about a “good steak”, a “terrible steak”, and a “cold steak”, I was disappointed that one of them didn’t mention a “mis-steak”.

    • Giovanni Orellana

      3rd Rock From The Sun would be a good show for them to recap.

      • Hornacek

        It’ll have to get in line after the second run through Seinfeld, Curb, Mad About You, The Nanny, and Friends (aka “Enemies”).