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Seinfeld: The Betrayal | Episode 164 Recap Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 9, Episode 8, “The Betrayal.”

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  • Giovanni Orellana

    This was one of your most iconic Seinfeld podcasts or podcasts in general.

    You guys really have analyzed the show to death. As a That 70’s Show fan, I can say that there was not an episode like The Betrayal, however, Wayne Knight (Newman) appeared in one of the shows best episodes. I would love to see that podcast if you ever tackle That 70’s Show.

  • Suzi!

    Very good! Love you guys.

    Guys with earrings is going out of style ~

  • Craig

    I was hoping you guys would deliver a good episode for this very special episode, and you knocked it out of the park. An episode that will be a highlight of the entire podcast run. Once again I will throw praise at Scott St. Pierre for his great editing. Hearing the opening at the end of the podcast as Rob says he’s going into the news was so wacky.

    So bummed I didn’t get a question in this great episode. Would have been really awesome.

    There were some shows that were doing some good high concept episodes at the time, but nothing close to what Seinfeld was doing. NewsRadio was a real notable stand out here. They did one episode where the show was set in the sinking of the Titanic, and another where the entire show was the same, only the news room was set in space.

    Rob, I am a huge fan of yours, but I have to agree with Jeff on the nitpicking thing. It works on Survivor, but on other shows, you do really nitpick a lot of things. I don’t mind it, as I like that stuff and I would probably do that if I had a podcast, and for podcasts like Fear the Walking Dead, your nitpicking can be better than watching the show, but never the less the nitpicking does get on my nerves sometimes. Like when you spent so much time talking about how Jerry had tomato juice in his apartment and how it was weird in The Chicken Roaster.

    How can Akiva say Ansel Elgort is not an A-list actor. He’s Cyclops in X-Men, and he’s the title character of Baby in the up-coming Baby Driver which looks awesome. If he is not an A-list actor he will be soon.

  • Gal Baum

    Great job by Scott, Rob and Akiva!

    Akiva, are you in Israel? You should do a Live Seinfeld Podcast. I can be the crowd.

  • Hornacek

    As soon as this episode “started” I knew I would love it. I’m sure Rob and Akiva decided on its format long ago, or others had requested this, but after the first episode of the 9th season Rob asked listeners to suggest things they could do for the rest of the season 9 episodes to shake things up. I emailed this suggestion to Rob, so I’m just going to go ahead and tell myself it was all me. :)

    As a proud Nova Scotian I waited for Rob or Akiva to mention my province. Oh well.

    As far as ranking thus episode and comparing it to other shows, the one that came to mind was Community. For awhile it seemed like every third episode they were doing something that broke the format and did something crazy.

    I love the format of this episode – I wrote these comments as I listened and had to go back and delete most of them, as most of my complaints were resolved by “the end” of the episode, very fitting given the format of the Seinfeld episode.

    I was a bit disappointed that the recap section was uncut and not separated – cut it up the same way the episode scenes were cut. However, that may have made it unlistenable (but I would have given it a shot) and taken a lot longer to edit together. I guess I’m happy with it as it is.

    I have to disagree with Rob and Akiva about how funny this episode is. Yes, there aren’t any iconic lines/scenes, but there are a lot of Seinfeld episodes that don’t have an iconic line/scene and are still great episodes. The reverse order of the entire episode *is* the iconic scene! And while I don’t think this episode is extremely funny, it’s still pretty funny – there are a lot of laughs here, most coming from the format, but they are there.

    This is the first episode of this podcast that once it was over, I wanted to listen to it again immediately. I loved how things talked about in the beginning of the episode made sense as you got nearer “the end” (Topher Grace, Sopranos prequel). Would be nice if there was a correct-chronological-order version of this episode put out too.

    Bravo to Rob and Akiva for this, and also the editor (whose name is escaping me, sorry).