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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 8, Episode 3, “The Bizarro Jerry”.

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  • Craig

    So are we to assume now that the plan to do the finale in Australia is right on track. I’ve heard that Rob has made good friends with some guy in Australia. His name is like Nick Iodan… something. Also, I would like to suggest a Vancouver show. You got a lot of fans here Rob by the sound of the voicemails. There might be an issue with doing a cross border show and the money aspect, but I’m sure that can be worked out.

    On DVD’s the reason why people still make DVD’s, is because when it comes to tv shows, though they are easily available in the States on streaming, elsewhere in the world it’s not as easy, as it costs a lot of money for other countries to buy the rights. More than most are willing to pay. That and the fact that there are some shows that have dozens of seasons that most streaming services are unwilling to buy in full, DVD’s are sometimes the only way you can get the shows and seasons you want is through DVD.

    On library’s, one of the main reasons why people go to library’s is to work/study. I know that when I was in college I went to study at the library all the time because I didn’t have enough space at home for a good work environment. There is also the factor of not having a quiet work environment.

    Not only has George met 3 doppelgangers, he will meet another one later. The doppelganger known as Mr. Peanut!

  • cpr

    There is a prejudice against women with man hands. It would be uncomfortable holding a woman’s hand which is bigger than your own. Plus there’s the mental thought of man hands touching your genitals. It’s kind of immature thinking but it would not feel right.

  • homertownie

    “Bizarro Jerry” has five grade A plot lines in 22 minutes: (1) Elaine’s Bizarro-Seinfeld world, (2) Jerry’s Man Hands date, (3) Kramer’s pretending to work, (4) George uses fake picture to enter the Model Kingdom World, and (5) Kramer-Jerry parody an old couple. All are very original concepts (except the old couple parody perhaps). All four plot lines involve at least three of the four main characters (and one involves the main four plus 3 doppelgangers). That must be very very very tight writing to pull that off in 22 minutes!

    Name any other sitcom that every pulled off even three grade A plot lines in 22 minutes. This episode has to be near the top of all comedy TV episodes ever.

  • Hornacek

    What is up.with Akiva saying that Elaine’s hair was intentionally bad in the previous episode and this one? Her hair looks great in both episodes. Just because Akiva doesn’t like short hair doesn’t make her hair “intentionally bad”.

    The reason Elaine puts Man Hands’ stats on the back of her picture is because she knows that Jerry will ask for all of this information.

    When discussing whether Man Hands is real or just in Jerry’s mind, Rob mentions when Elaine sees the baby in her previous episode and she is the only one to react – Elaine’s other friends do.not react. But this is not because Elaine may be imagining the baby’s ugliness – it’s because Elaine’s other friends are also mothers. To them all babies are beautiful.

    Why does Akiva say that the Bizarro Jerry, George and Kramer are monsters and horrible people? When he first said I thought he was just joking but he says it multiple times and each time he says it like he means it. The Bizarro versions are nice people that read, knock before entering someone’s apartment, buy groceries for one another, hug, give each other compliments, and give money to the homeless. In what world are these people “horrible” and “monsters”? Everyone should have friends like these.