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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 7, Episodes 21 & 22, “The Bottle Deposit”.

Seinfeld Post Show Recaps: The Bottle Deposit (part one and two)
You don’t have to outbid Sue Ellen Mischke to get the latest Seinfeld Post Show Recap with Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur.  This week, they discuss “The Bottle Deposit”, in which both parts aired May 2, 1996 as an hour long episode for season seven.  The episode was written by Gregg Kavet and Andy Robin.
George’s Storyline – George is scolded by Wilhelm for not paying attention enough at work.  When he is giving him an assignment, Wilhelm ducks into the bathroom, but George doesn’t follow right away.  When he finally walks in, Wilhelm had kept talking, so George has no idea what the assignment was.  Despite many attempts to learn what he was supposed to be doing, George never finds out.  When going to confess, Wilhelm thanks him for doing a great job on the assignment, much to George’s confusion.  When Steinbrenner reads the report Wilhelm turned in, he assumes George is crazy and has him committed.  Grade: Akiva – A, Rob – A
Jerry’s Storyline – Jerry has to take his car to the mechanic after loaning it to Kramer.  Tony the mechanic gives Jerry a hard time about how he’s taking care of it.  When he goes to the shop to get Peterman’s golf clubs out of the backseat, he gets in an argument with Tony, who decides to steal the car.  While on the run, Tony calls Jerry to let him know he took the car because Jerry doesn’t deserve it.  He and Elaine actually go to a crime scene to identify the car, but it was not his.  Tony ends up getting away from Kramer’s chase by throwing the JFK golf clubs at the mail truck.  Grade: Akiva – B, Rob – C+
Elaine’s Storyline – Elaine is tasked by Peterman to bid on a set of golf clubs once used by President Kennedy.  When Sue Ellen Mischke is there, the two get in a bidding war, with Elaine spending twice the authorized amount to win them.  Peterman wasn’t happy, and was less happy when the clubs were in the back of Jerry’s stolen car.  After Tony tossed all the clubs at the tailing mail truck, they were mostly destroyed.  Though when Elaine brought them to Peterman, he just believed that they were destroyed as the result of Kennedy’s temper.  Grade: Akiva – B, Rob – B-
Kramer’s Storyline – Kramer gets roped into a bottle deposit scam with Newman when he tells Kramer they can use a mail truck for free.  After collecting enough to make a good profit, they set off to Michigan to turn them in for double the deposit.  On the way, they spot Jerry’s stolen car and decide to chase it, though they have to dump all the cans, and eventually Newman, to keep up speed. When the truck breaks down after Tony threw the clubs at it, Kramer gathers them and finds Newman running from a man with a shotgun.  Grade: Akiva – A, Rob – A
Episode Ranking – 67
Emails – Johnny De Silveira shared how Wayne Knight experienced heart palpitations after filming the chase scene, which led him to start leading a healthier lifestyle over the next few years.  Lindsay, who Rob got to meet at the live taping in New York, asked if either of them ever attended a live auction.  Dan the benefactor asked if they thought Kramer should have stopped to pick up the JFK clubs, or continue chasing the mechanic.  Courtney and Cendall asked if Kramer chasing after the mechanic was the nicest thing he does in the whole series.  Pat from Ohio noted that Jerry’s car comes equipped with fuel injection, so the muffin wouldn’t get sucked up.
Matt found it lazy of the editors to have the shot of Kramer and Newman on the road be the same section of road each time.  Shawn Falconer wrote in to share that he is engaged and both Rob and Akiva are invited to the wedding.  Caleb thought that you can’t blame George for not following Wilhelm into the bathroom.  Craig thought Kramer kicking Newman out the truck is the worst thing he’s ever done.  Amir liked how we got to see one of Kramer’s schemed getting hatched.  Chester thought it made no sense for either Elaine or Jerry to leave anything in the backseat of a car
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  • Rough Steez

    How in the hell do you guys not know about Mello Yello? Craziness.

  • Hornacek

    Steinbrenner seems to have ultimate power in the Seinfeld universe (or at least, in New York in the 90s). He declares George dead and tells his parents without contacting the authorities, and here he has George (an employee) committed to an asylum. Anytime Rob and Akiva are saying that a plot point is unbelievable, we should remind them about this.

    They really took some liberties with the golf clubs being thrown at the truck. Garrett is throwing them behind him, one-handed, while driving the car. Plus they all hit the truck – none of them landed on the ground missing the truck. And yet two of the clubs were thrown with such force that they punctured the front of the truck and damaged the engine enough to cause it to stop. All of those clubs should have just bounced off the truck causing no damage.

    As one of the email said, Kramer kicking Newman out of the truck may be one of the worst things he does in the series. He has ruined their plan to make any money with the bottles, he has thrown away mail (a federal crime?), and kicks Newman out of the truck, abandoning him in the middle of nowhere (another state). In a pre-cell phone world, Newman could in theory have to walk miles to find a phone. Plus Kramer steals the truck from Newman. How Newman was ever friends with him after this has to be put down to “everything being reset to status quo at the start of the next episode”.

  • Nathan Flatus

    I don’t think I ever realized that there was absolutely no resolution to the loose ends of this episode in the next one until rewatching it recently. How did George get out of being involuntarily committed, what exactly did Wilhelm turn in to Steinbrenner in that report and what exactly is wrong with him, and did he face any further scrutiny for his own mental condition? Also, how did Jerry ever get his car back, and how did the mechanic not ever face jail time for grand theft auto and how did Newman forgive Kramer for all he did to him in his quest to follow Jerry’s car? I know, it’s a common occurrence on the show to reset each episode, but there is usually SOME kind of continuity acknowledgement, even to just blow it off with some casual line, but this … nothing.