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  • Craig

    I had to stop listening to this podcast at 117:48, because I didn’t want the anger of Rob’s Gary Carter comment to to cause my head to explode and get brain guts all over my great Expos toque that I wear every day. Carter only said he wanted to go in as a Met because he was in their minor league system at the time. Also, he was elected into the Hall in 2003, when the Expos were still around. As for his intention to go into the Hall as a Met because he couldn’t make any money going in as an Expo… I am speechless on how much I hate that you said that Rob, and that you agreed with that Akiva! I am without speech! I will not stay silent on anybody besmirching Carter’s pivotal role as the greatest Expo of all time, his position as one of the most beloved sports athletes in Montreal sports history (a fact that still remains true today), and his rightful plaque in the Hall donned with the great Expos insignia.

    But anyway, another great Seinfeld podcast by you two (you know, until 117:48). Keep up the good work.

    • Craig, sorry if I misrepresented what Gary Carter said or at least as my Met-loving brain processed events.

      • Craig

        Sorry for my staunch defense, but I get a little defensive when it comes to The Kid and his position in Expos history. We Expos fans have so little to hang our no pun intended hats on these days :(.

  • Suzi!

    “Magic lugie” is pretty high up there ~

  • homertownie

    George’s date on this episode, played by Carol Ann Susi, is the same same actress who is the unseen Mother of Walowitz on The Big Bang Theory. Since she died, the Big Bang Theory had to write her to die in the TV show. You can recognize her voice even in Seinfeld.

  • Lindsay Wilson

    I’m like a year late to this, but I felt the need to post. I actually did get the C. Everett Koop reference only because on one super old episode of the Simpsons the Bee Sharps sang a song that went,

    “For all the latest medical poop, call Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. Koop koop-a-doop.”

    You’re welcome for that valuable tidbit!

  • Hornacek

    Is it just me or is there no podcast episode summary on this page?

    This truly was an episode where the show appeared to hit the big time. When it aired I had no idea who Keith Hernandez was, but I understood from the advertising and episode content that he was well known and a big deal.

    TV shows spoofing a well known current movie is not new, but spoofing something like JFK was pretty out there. But Seinfeld did it and did it well.

    I loved all the touches with the Zapruder-like film – the film quality, the sound, the guy opening the umbrella, the lack of sound – it all worked.