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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 8, Episode 8, “The Chicken Roaster”.

Seinfeld Post Show Recaps: The Chicken Roaster

Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur couldn’t get Mr. Marbles to guest on the recap, but they still bring you a new Seinfeld recap week after week, just not brought to you by Mennen.  This time, they discussed “The Chicken Roaster”, which first aired November 14, 1996 as part of season eight. The episode was written by Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer.

Jerry’s Storyline – Jerry bumps into an old college friend, Seth.  He inadvertently gets Seth fired from his job at an investment firm when he encourages him to blow off his meeting and have lunch.  Seth then gets a job at Kenny Rogers Roasters, which puts a wrinkle into Kramer boycotting them for their giant neon red sign.  He ends up switching apartments with Kramer, suffering through the blaring red light just to keep Seth working.  This leads him to start acting and talking just like Kramer.  He ultimately loses Seth his job when he shakes out Bob Sacamano’s hat in the restaurant and rat hair goes everywhere. Grade: Akiva – A, Rob – A

George’s Storyline – George talks a free spending Elaine into buying him a sable hat on the corporate credit card.  While at the store, he was taken with the saleswoman Heather, and sets up a date.  After the date is over and she doesn’t seem interested in him any further, he leaves behind the hat as a way to prolong their interaction.  This doesn’t work, and the $8000 hat that Elaine needs back is gone.  He decides to steal Heather’s clock to set up an exchange, but when he meets up with her again, she really didn’t have the hat after all. Grade: Akiva – A-, Rob – A

Elaine’s Storyline – Elaine goes on a spending spree with the corporate credit card and now has to answer to the accountant for everything she bought.  She’s successfully able to get him to sign off on everything she bought, except they need to see the $8000 sable hat she bought for George.  He left the hat behind at Heather’s house to weasel another date, but when she drags George there to get it back, it’s not there.  She has to then fly to Myanmar (Burma) to get Peterman to sign off on it, but even he needs to see this hat when Bob Sacamano’s fake fur hat doesn’t pass.  Grade: Akiva – A-, Rob – B-

Kramer’s storyline – Kramer is tortured by the bright red light from the sign of the new Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant across the street, so much so, that he mistakes tomato juice for milk.  He wants to protest, but Jerry’s friend Seth has a job there, so Jerry agrees to switch apartments until Seth finds a new job.  When Newman comes over with some of the chicken from Kenny’s, Kramer falls in love with it, but must keep it a secret or Jerry will force him to switch back to his place.  Newman ultimately blows Kramer’s cover when Jerry sees him ordering broccoli.  Grade: Akiva – A, Rob – A

Episode Ranking – 19 

Emails – Johnny De Silveira noted that the real Kenny Rogers Roasters first balked at being a part of the show because of the rat hat, but Kenny ultimately thought it would be great advertising, so he allowed it.  Craig pointed out that Kenny Rogers Roasters went bankrupt a year and half after this episode.  Emiline commented on their quest last week for info on cults, and she confirmed from her research that George is the perfect cult convert.  Lindsay asked their thoughts on haggling.  New emailer Gopell wondered how George had such bad luck for the clock to go off right when he meets her.
Pat thinks it’s off Jerry’s character to volunteer to stay in Kramer’s apartment. Matt asked why Jerry would backtrack from his friendship with Seth after he tells him he’s missing an important meeting for the lunch.  Dan the benefactor gives his MVP to Jerry this week, albeit it’s not a strong performance.  Amir thought that the fur hat was the only reasonable thing Elaine bought.  He also thought George should have thought better to try and leave his keys behind.  He who shall not be named according to Akiva is now boycotting the email bag, not willing to share his hot takes until Akiva negotiates peace.
After they rhapped the recap, OG email contributor Amir joined the guys to discuss all things Seinfeld, Akiva and Chester.

Tune in next week as the guys will recap “The Abstinence”, where we get to see a smart George. Send in your questions by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast by going to where you can rate and review the podcast. You can get a discussion going by leaving a comment on the show pages, and as always, you can follow them on Twitter @robcesternino and @keev26.

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  • Craig

    When I heard that there was going to be a special guest at the end of this episode I thought “Yes, my plea to be on the show to talk about my favourite episode is happening!” Then I realized “Wait, I don’t remember recording anything!” Now that I find out that this is Amir’s favourite (or at least in the top 3) episode I must protest Akiva’s rankings here on this being #19 on the list. How can this not be a top 9 episode? I think the evidence of Amir being on this cast proves it needs to be reevaluated. If not for me, then for the sake of Akiva’s listing reputation!

    Rob, you are not spared this either, considering you had this episode in the 50’s! I must say I was so annoyed that in the “Tomato Juice” scene, which is one of the funniest scenes in not only this episode, but the entire show, all you could talk about was why Jerry had tomato juice in his fridge. Who cares if he had tomato juice in his fridge! It’s worth it for the scene because it’s so hilarious!

    As for the red sign, that does actually happen. I remember a few years ago, a building in Vancouver wanted to have a light fixture on the building, in order to give some style to the skyline (Vancouver has one of the most boring skylines of any major city), and everyone within view of the pillar complained about it, so the city passed a bylaw saying that things like that could not be lit after 11:00.

  • Cody

    Where is the reenactment video? Can’t find it on youtube.

  • Sylvia Aponte

    Found it, saw it, loved it…. rob, you and Wheels need to re-enact all epis the next time around. There’s ur visual!

  • Gal Baum
  • Hornacek

    Regarding George’s comment about not needing a coat when he’s wearing the hat, wasn’t there an opening stand up where Jerry said he read that most of your body heat is lost through your head, so you could probably ski naked if you wore a really warm hat? Or was this Jerry standup outside of the show?

    Rob describes a water pick like floss but it’s more like a miniature water hose that you spray between your teeth. So it cleans between your teeth like floss but it’s not floss. We see Elaine use it in her office to water her plants.

    I think the reason Ipswich (great name) needs to “see” the hat is to make sure Elaine isn’t ripping off the company. Like she didn’t buy it on the company account and then return it and pocket the $8000

    When George asks Elaine if the butterflies in her office are real, he thinks they’re still alive because he taps the glass as if to wake them up.

    The Peterman scenes were referencing Apocalypse Now. Peterman’s lines about “an assassin” and “errand girl” are direct quotes from Brando’s Colonel Kurtz. Also the famous line “The horror. The horror.”