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Seinfeld Post Show Recaps: The Comeback

Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur will let you eat all the shrimp you want while you listen to the new Seinfeld Post Show Recap. This time, they discussed “The Comeback”, which first aired January 30, 1997 as part of season eight. The episode was written by Gregg Kavet and Andy Robin.
Jerry’s Storyline – Jerry is convinced to buy an expensive new tennis racquet at the club from the pro Milos.  Soon after, Jerry notices Milos is a terrible tennis player, and goes to complain.  Milos is so desperate for Jerry to keep this a secret, he offers him a free year membership.  He can’t make that happen for Jerry though, so he sends his wife to Jerry, since she caught his eye earlier.  After she can’t go through with it, Milos gets Jerry to agree to lose a tennis match to him so he could look manly.  Milos takes the fake winning too far though, insulting Jerry to the point he starts beating Milos. Grade: Akiva – A, Rob – A-

George’s Storyline – George is insulted by a coworker when he indulges himself in the shrimp platter at a meeting.  It wasn’t until his car ride home that he thought of a good comeback, to which the rest of the gang thought they had better suggestions.  His plan to get Riley falls through when he learns Riley left the Yankees to move to Ohio.  George still can’t let it go, so he plans a meeting at Riley’s new job in Ohio to discuss sponsorship with the Yankees.  George finally gets his comeback moment at this meeting, but it goes horribly wrong when Riley has another comeback.  George then tells him he slept with his wife, but they inform George that Riley’s wife is in a coma. Grade: Akiva – A+, Rob – A+

Elaine’s Storyline – Elaine has been really enjoying a certain video store employee named Vincent’s rental suggestions.  She gets a call from this Vincent, and they talk for hours about their shared tastes.  When she is wanting to watch a lighter movie, she goes with a “Gene” pick, which prompts Vincent to feel betrayed.  Elaine convinces Vincent it was nothing, and gets him to agree to meet.  He asks her to bring him some cigarettes, liquor and fireworks, and when she does, Elaine discovers Vincent is just a 15 year old boy. Grade: Akiva – A-, Rob – A-

Kramer’s storyline – Kramer watches a movie where the main character goes into a coma, and decides he needs Jerry to be the executor of his will, and to be the one to ensure they pull the plug on him if a coma ever happens.  When Jerry proves to be too sentimental with his old tennis racquet, Kramer decides to make the cold hearted Elaine the executor instead.  After setting his will, Kramer decides to watch the rest of the movie, only to discover that the woman woke from the coma.  On his way to get his will changed back to “do resuscitate”, he gets hit in the head with a tennis racquet and goes into a coma.  Grade: Akiva – A-, Rob – A

Episode Ranking – Top 9 (only one spot left)

Emails – Shawn Falconer compiled a list of all the times “hot takes” was said on the show.  Johnny De Silveira pointed out you could see puddles in the “indoor” tennis courts.  Caleb asked if this episode could be a catalyst to cat fishing.  Craig commented how he loves saying “another point for Milos!”.  Dan the benefactor used to work at Blockbuster and would recommend movies to customers all the time.  Lindsay asked if they’ve ever been convinced to buy something they didn’t need.
Mike wondered if the writers got the idea for the coma from Jack Klompus suffering one in real life just before.  Pat in Ohio asked why Elaine would be okay with Vincent smoking when she wasn’t with Keith Hernandez.  Amir pointed out that Kramer talked about comas in a previous episode.  Finally Chester wondered why Milos was wearing a sweater during the tennis game.  He also wondered where Elaine got fireworks in the city.

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Special thanks to Mike Moore for writing this week’s episode summary.
  • Craig

    Oh Akiva, how could you not know of the greatness that is The Rouge. The act of kicking the ball out through the endzone for 1 point.

    I do see how this episode would be in Akiva’s top 9 after the episode has been reviewed. Much funnier on a rewatch. So I guess this means that the Festivus episode is the last one there, because how could it be any other episode?

    Totally forgot about The Suicide episode. Considering how deep the show goes in the well for references around this time, this is a really glaring omission.

    I miss the video store. I think if streaming didn’t happen, video stores would be more popular than ever. I think they would become a community for people to gather and talk movies.

    You say that millennials probably don’t know what video tapes are, but I’m a millennial and I am very aware of video tapes. They were a big part of my childhood. We had a device dedicated to rewinding the tapes and everything!

    Is it wrong of me that I laughed so hard at Rob calling his kid a douche? Also, no using your phone in the movie theatre at any time Rob!

    Hearing the story of your kids low attention span at the movies Rob, it makes me wonder if movies are going to start taking a hit from the fact that people are not willing to watch movies for that long of a time. It’s something to think about.

  • Hornacek

    I think the reason George doesn’t do a comeback for the “We only wake you up for the important meetings” crack is because he’s currently obsessed with the Jerk Store comeback for Reilly.

    Since Patty is married to Milos, this means that when Jerry first sees her at the tennis club and points her out to Milos and says “Game, set and match, huh Milos?”, Milos doesn’t say “Hey, that’s my wife.” And at this point he thinks he can buy Jerry’s silence with free club membership – he hasn’t even considered prostituting out his wife yet, so there’s no reason for him to hide that he’s married to her. In fact, when Jerry and Milos are talking, Patty enters and she doesn’t even look at Milos – she goes right to a clothes rack and starts browsing. Wouldn’t she smile or wave to her husband, even if he’s busy with a customer?

    The reason Vincent asks Elaine to buy him some things isn’t because he’s grounded. It because he’s too young to buy vodka, fireworks and cigarettes. He needs Elaine, an adult, to buy these for him.