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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 6, Episode 18, “The Doorman“.

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  • Craig

    Oh I will be explaining “The Keeble” in the e-mail for next week. I may do it in a voicemail, just because It’ll be easier to explain there than in a e-mail message considering neither of you have heard of this movie. Respond if you would take a voicemail on that. I assure you that this is a movie, and this is not me trying to cement my status as the true fake movie correspondent.

    When Akiva said that he wanted to incorporate Game of Thrones into the Seinfeld cast, I almost thought I might have to stop listening. What an overrated show.

    I myself have two bucket lists. One a long bucket lists for things that will take time like trip to Vimy Ridge, and attending a live Know it All’s, and the other is a short bucket lists which is a list of things to do that are quick and can be done in relatively little time. It’s a great thing to have because it can really help you if you are going through hard times. Items on that list are things like win a prize in a claw machine, or trying Mongolian food.

    I think Frank having breasts is a later in life problem, because I’m sure George would have noticed it before. Maybe that’s the real factor in how Frank won all of those Feats of Strength battles. He smothered George with his breasts.

    “You think you’re better than me” also became one of the catchphrases for the Mantelbaums.

    As I’m listening to this, I realize that I should have submitted the question “Is Frank and Kramer’s pitch Shark Tank worthy?”

    I think Millennials know who J Edgar Hoover is. I mean he was played by Leo just 3 years ago.

    Best food for bed, jellybeans. they don’t make a mess, and if you do drop one, you may find it later, and then it’s like a surprise. It’s like finding a dollar on the ground.

    That’s it for this week. Next weeks episode is going to be a good one. Lots to say on that episode.

  • Cody Patterson

    Ok, I’ve been thinking about this. Jerry is in no ways at fault on the couch getting stolen. The doorman, who is an employee of the apartment complex abandoned his post to go get a beer. A beer! During his shift. He left someone that has zero experience as a doorman in charge of knowing who is supposed to be allowed to come and go to this apartment complex. Once the apartment association heard that the doorman left Jerry in charge of the door, he should have been fired on the spot. But, I’m trying to put logic into a show that is absolutely about nothing and about 4 people that are absolutely some of the most horrible people on the planet.

  • Suzi!

    Louie CK isn’t funny, but neither is Sarah Silverman.
    I think he’s praised because he’s different and doesn’t tell “jokes.”

  • Hornacek

    Frank saying “Too ethnic.” is not outdated in 1995 or today. Old people will say things or use terms that are unacceptable all the time. Rob and Akiva must not spend too much time talking with people in their 70s or older to not know this. My grandmother was not racist but she used to say “colored” when talking about African-Americans – it was just the way she talked. Someone from the previous generation(s) saying things that are politically incorrect in the modern day has always been a thing, and always will be.

    The doorman should be the one blamed for the theft. He left his post in the middle of a shift and got some guy off the street to take over for him. Not a backup-doorman – he asked a stranger who had no doorman-experience. That alone should be a fireable offense.