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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 7, Episode 1, “The Engagement“.

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  • throneygames

    Akiva- do you have an ongoing list of your episode rankings published somewhere?

    • akiva wienerkur

      I’ll post them here.

  • akiva wienerkur

    Episode Rankings So Far:

    Top 9 Marine Biologist
    Top 9 Hamptons
    Top 9 Contest
    Top 9 Jimmy
    Top 9 Opposite
    10 Bubble Boy
    11 Boyfriend
    14 Library
    15 Outing
    17 Race
    18 Stall
    20 Fire
    24 Fusilli Jerry
    25 Switch
    27 Puffy Shirt
    28 Parking Garage
    33 Pick
    35 Junior Mint
    36 Non-Fat Yogurt
    38 Secretary
    40 Implant
    41 Mango
    42 Subway
    47 Pony Remark
    48 Limo
    49 Dinner Party
    51 Pitch
    53 Pledge Drive
    60 Lip Reader
    61 Airport
    64 Soup
    65 Chinese Woman
    71 Doorman
    74 Couch
    75 Cafe
    77 Engagement
    78 Ticket
    79 Chinese Restaurant
    80 Pilot
    82 Gymnast
    85 Beard
    86 Pen
    88 Face Painter
    89 Shoes
    90 Visa
    92 Label Maker
    93 Wallet
    95 Big Salad
    97 Pie
    98 Sniffing Accountant
    99 Alternate Side
    101 Deal
    102 Cheever Letters
    103 Movie
    104 Doodle
    105 Understudy
    107 Nose Job
    109 Chaperone
    110 Trip
    114 Virgin
    115 Letter
    116 Conversion
    117 Diplomat’s Club
    119 Phone Message
    120 Red Dot
    122 Cigar Stall Indian
    123 Masseuse
    125 Raincoats
    126 Revenge
    128 Wife
    130 Scofflaw
    132 Glasses
    133 Handicap Spot
    134 Pez Dispenser
    135 Kiss Hello
    136 Fix-Up
    138 Watch
    139 Old Man
    140 Stand-In
    141 Good Samaritan
    143 Opera
    144 Mom & Pop Store
    146 Parking Space
    147 Keys
    148 Barber
    149 Tape
    150 Smelly Car
    151 Suicide
    153 Bris
    154 Jacket
    155 Seinfeld Chronicles
    156 Busboy
    157 Baby Shower
    158 Truth
    159 Note
    160 Stake Out
    161 Heart Attack
    162 Apartment
    163 Stranded
    164 Statue
    165 Ex-Girlfriend
    166 Robbery
    167 Stock Tip
    168 Male Unbonding
    169 Dog

    • throneygames

      Beautiful thank you

  • Purple Lily


  • smasherx

    Listen, why flirt with the inevitable ? You guys MUST do a recap of every episode of Curb once Seinfeld is over. #GoTheDistance

  • Craig

    I think I know how Roxy made it back. Maybe she got the sent from Kramer’s shirt, and that led her back to the vicinity of where Elaine lived, and Roxy just remembered the area and remembered where home was from there.

    One thing I wanted to ask for the new season. Is it possible for us to get more guest stars on the cast? I just don’t want this podcast to slip by without making the most of the guests it can get.

  • Claire

    I don’t know if you go back and check these well after the episode, but Akiva, did I hear you say that you think Jerry is divorced, as is Larry? I’ve heard you talk about his ex-wife before, but I don’t think Jerry has ever been divorced. He married in 1999, and is still married.

  • Hornacek

    Mario Joyner is listed in the end-credits as playing himself so if he is playing a different role in The Puerto Rican Day Parade (and Akiva said his character in that episode has a different name) then they are two different roles. I usually like Rob and Akiva’s tangent discussions, but I found this one about Mario Joyner to be boring and pretty bereft of laughs. Plus the whole debate between the two of them would have been instantly solved if either of them had been paying attention during the end-credits to see that it said “Mario Joyner as himself”.

    The timing of the dog making its way home may be off, but I don’t understand Rob and Akiva’s belief that she couldn’t have made her way home. The internet is full of stories of dogs finding their way home across cities, states and the entire country. This is completely believable.