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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 6, Episode 21, “The Fusilli Jerry“.

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  • susan appleby

    I listened to this on the long drive home from Virginia to New York. I was laughing the entire trip.

  • Craig

    I heard somewhere that mosquito are the most useless living thing on planet Earth, and that if they were to all disappear tomorrow, their absence would not effect the planet negatively in any way.

    Did I hear Akiva make a disparaging Expos comment in this podcast. Do I have to defend my Expos love again, because I will defend it. I will defend it in the name of Kid, Hawk, and Rock!

    How did the Fusilli Jerry manage to go through Frank’s trousers and insert itself exactly through Frank’s rectum you two ask? Well, it was a million to one shot guys, million to one.

    I think the swirl has something to do with ice cream.

    • susan appleby

      Not true about the first sentence. Mosquito larva feed many fish and other aquatic creatures. Adult mosquitoes feed birds, bats, etc.
      Without mosquitoes many other species would starve.

      • Craig

        Oh please, next you’re going to tell me attractive women get speeding tickets! JK. I guess it may not be true, but that’s just something I heard somewhere.

      • Suzi!

        Yeah I think every creature has a purpose, whether we’re aware of it or not.

  • Turned Out To Me Price

    Rob, I appreciated your anecdote about the time you got your hopes up only to realize that that the group had actually decided to go with a different person named Rob – but, enough about Survivor All-Stars.

    Your history of being The Rob That Sucks is longer and more storied than I realized!

  • Hornacek

    A funny bit is when Jerry is eating the chocolate bar on the street, George is asking Jerry for a piece. It’s almost like they’re a couple of kids and Jerry is the only one with money for a chocolate bar and he promised George “a bite”. When Jerry breaks of a piece and gives it to George, he shoves it in his mouth very quickly, like Jerry promised it to him hours ago and he’s been waiting ever since.

    Considering Estelle’s reactions to the people yelling “Assman” at Kramer’s car, I always thought she thought they were saying “Ass man” as two separate words and were complimenting her ass. Based on her reaction she appears to think they are complimenting her physical appearance and not saying anything about Kramer.

    Frank is definitely not living with Estelle in this episode – the reason he is at the house is to get his mail. She tells him “Just take your mail and go home!”

    I think part of the reason Estelle is so sure Kramer was making a pass at her is that he kissed her hello when they met at Monk’s. Has Kramer ever kissed-hello Estelle before?

    I love how matter-of-fact Frank is when telling Estelle what happened with the Fusilli Jerry – he has no shame about it and doesn’t try to come up with another story, he tells her flat out what happened. They really are meant to be together if he can tell her that this happened to him without feeling any sense of shame.

    While reading the emails Rob says that Marvel and DC are not like the National and American Leagues because they never fight. Not true – there have been many occasions where heroes from both universes meet – Spider-Man and Superman (twice), Spider-Man and Batman, Batman and the Hulk, Justice League and the Avengers, X-Men and Teen Titans, and most notably, the DC vs. Marvel mini-series in 1996 where the Marvel heroes fought the DC heroes in multiple one-on-one duels (the outcomes of some of the fights were based on fan voting).