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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 6, Episodes 14 & 15, “The Highlights of 100” as well as their own 100 episode journey.

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  • leesuh

    Wow, Rob, I hope you are not regretting the seinfeld podcasts. I gotta tell you that the Seinfeld podcasts with Akiva are my favorite on PSR. (And this is coming from someone who is obsessed with TWD, GoT, and BCS). You and Akiva have a great chemistry and out of all the RHAP and PSR podcasts that I listen to, I eagerly wait for this one to be released every week the most.

    I’m sure there are legions of us who love this podcast. Maybe we are just not as vocal as some of your very frequent commenters on other podcasts…? I can comment weekly to show my devotion if that’s what it will take!

    • Thanks leesuh, every little bit of praise helps ease my insecurities.

  • jon dunn

    I listen regularly.

    You approach the peak of what RHAP was originally about on this podcast.

    Akiva brings out the best in you, only Nicole is a better co-host.

    Speaking of which, let Nicole podcast more!

  • jon dunn

    Lost in the whole self hating nerd discussion was the fact that Akiva was correct – Big Bang Theory is an objectively bad show.

    Look up on Youtube where they remove the laugh track. Try watching that. Yikes.

  • smasherx

    Brent here, of the Akiva barbershop dream. Thanks for reading my email on the show. I’ve been a listener since the first episode, even if I haven’t ever been a commenting participant. I want to add my voice to the ranks of silent but appreciative listeners of the Seinfeld PSR. It’s amazing that anyone could generate an hour+ of content a week from each 20 year old episode of a sitcom, and make it eminently listenable and hilarious. It sounds like this 100 podcast anniversary was cause for some self reflection and soul searching. To Rob and Akiva I can only say, you are clearly both self-loathing nerds but here you are, DOING something meaningful with your nerdy obsessions, whether it be podcasting about Survivor or Seinfeld or sports, it’s all very nerdy but it does have intrinsic value in the sizable joy it brings to other people.

    • Suzi!

      Nerds are people too!

      • Hornacek

        I hear that J’Tia loves them.

  • I’m a longtime RHAP and PSR listener and this is the show I look forward to most every week. Love the chemistry between you both and can’t wait to hear the next 80ish episodes!

  • Craig

    Boy, what a great episode. I did get a little worried though as you were answering my question, as I felt that as you went over the story of how the podcast began, you had the “glass shattering” realization that the podcast was a stupid waste of time. I of course disagree wholeheartedly, but as you got into the amount of time the podcast takes relative to people who listen, and the idea of a podcast divorce, I was getting a little worried. I would feel bad for whoever got me in the divorce on that. Who ever gets me in the divorce likely had a bad podcast lawyer.

    I did laugh when Akiva said that maybe you could do a few episodes in one podcast because it doesn’t take long to dissect comedies.

    Congrats on 100 guys. At this point, the Seinfeld cast may enter another milestone in PSR history. It may be the first PSR show to have every episode covered from pilot to series finale in the sites history. You can get the PSR fact checker on that but unless there is some one season show that has been covered all the way through (which I wouldn’t count as it should be a show that lasted at least 4 seasons) I think Seinfeld is on pace to be the first.

  • John Davis

    I have listened to every one of these podcasts from the very beginning. You two have grown together as a great self supporting team, nerdy or not. The question of identifying the best of the podcasts for a clip show within a clip show was a great idea but even though I think Rob laughs more as Avikva suggests, , Avkiva’s laugh is more distinctive and could be more easily quantified and parsed from the vast data base of chuckles. I would call it a robust giggle and quite infectious. It makes me laugh every time I hear it. Another humor identifier is Akiva saying “Oh boy.” Elaine, Elaine, Elaine.

  • Turned Out To Me Price

    If “Maybe the dingo ate your baby” isn’t the “Elaine’s a character” clip, what should it be (from the available episodes)? Obviously you need something that is succinct, memorable, funny, iconic and 100% Elaine’s to own.

    I don’t have the encyclopedic knowledge that self-hating nerds Rob and (yes, also) Akiva have, but I actually think there aren’t too many slam dunk options. Elaine running out of the bathroom with the toilet paper in The Stall? Laughing in the Pez Dispenser? The “I have seen the nipple on your soul” soliloquy? War What Is It Good For? It’s actually a bit hard to come up with the right one.

    BTW, speaking of Curb (as Akiva did in hinting at the inevitable and also likely unprofitable CYE post-show recap series), I re-watched the Season 1 stand-out The Interior Decorator yesterday and, what do you know, the last name of the female character Larry David feuds with is . . . Wienerkur! (Or something sounding like it – my captions said Winoker but what do captions know.)

    • Suzi!

      For Elaine, how about “You want a Christmas card? Here’s your Christmas card!”
      “Get OUT!!”
      “He took IT out”
      “I’ll drop you like a bag of dirt”
      When the show aired I didn’t appreciate Elaine as much as I do now.

  • Aside from Nicole, there’s only 2 co-hosts that I would classify as having distinctively noticeable chemistry and rapport with Rob: Wigler and Akiva. There’s dozens of amazing podcasters across RHAP and PSR, but I believe as others have stated that Akiva and Josh bring the best out of Rob every week. Fish & Antonio go close but stand on their own a bit more in terms of their personalities. So I hope you don’t think these are a waste of time Rob, I definitely love listening every week.

    • Suzi!

      I agree and I would put Jessica in the Fish/Antonio group.

  • sunny

    great podcast, keep up the wonderful work guys!

    I hope no offense is taken, but I vote NERD….not that there’s anything wrong with that! We are all one here 🙂 What’s more nerd-like: podcasting about a show that ended nearly 20 years ago, or listening to a podcast about a show that ended nearly 20 years ago?

  • Jiffy P

    In the RHAP community, we’re always calling ourselves nerds, so it was funny to hear how genuinely aggrieved Akiva felt by Rob throwing out the n-word.

  • Suzi!

    Do not second guess yourselves, my fine brochachos. This is a top podcast in my book.

  • Hornacek

    Considering how Akiva had mentioned in the past few episodes about why Peter Mehlman was listed as the writer for the 100th episode, I was surprised it wasn’t mentioned in this episode. I always assumed he was the writer for the Jerry-intro bit.

    Loved hearing the origin story about how Rob and Akiva came up with the idea for the podcast, and hearing about what might happen if the two of them ever “broke up” and Akiva created his own Seinfeld podcast.