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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 7, Episode 5, “The Hot Tub“.

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  • Craig

    Sorry I didn’t send in a question this week. Work has been crazy.

    I still use an alarm clock. It has two alarms on it so and I like it better than my phone. I have had the AM/PM thing happen to me on it though. I do like putting it on the radio setting though because it’s louder.

    Ahh George meeting the Houston Astros team for interleague play talk. This was back in the good old days. When interleague play was limited and special, Houston was in the NL like they should be, and the Expos were still around. Sure they had been fire sold but they still existed.

    My parents had a water bed for a few years when we were in a rented house. They seemed to really hate it, but I thought it was fun.

    Here’s a good alternate ending. Jean Paul goes to an office and we see a shot of just him talking about the issue, and then the camera turns to reveal that he is talking to Jackie Chiles who dismisses his case outright because of his experience with Kramer.

  • Hornacek

    Rob seemed very negative on the Elaine and JeanPaul JeanPaul storylines and I don’t know why. The JPJP story is very funny, with lots of laughs and great physical humor. The Elaine story is not as funny, but it’s very well done and I think the conclusion with her figuring out the story for the shoes is great. Plus, something I didn’t notice on the first watch, once she figures out the story, apparently she forgets all about JPJP. She’s so worried about him, but once she comes up with the story she forgets him and focuses only on herself.