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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 6, Episode 19, “The Jimmy“.

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  • I worked for the Yankees’ AAA team for a couple summers. The tarp is the heaviest thing imaginable, even with 25 guys rolling it out. That thing isn’t going anywhere.

  • Craig

    Good podcast this week guys. When I saw the time on this I really wondered how you managed to stretch this thing for 2 hours, but you did. Also, I mentioned to my dad that I was going to listen to this podcast, and he responded with “How the hell can somebody make a podcast about a show that ended 20 years ago?”

    When listening to this, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing every time you guys said Jimmy’s Shoes, because it sounds a lot like Jimmy Choo’s, which is a brand of women’s shoe. That along with Akiva constantly pronouncing the silent i in hygienist had me laughing.

    I have a feeling that you guys were avoiding naming the real culprits of the thefts. It was obviously the Mets! They heard that inter league play was coming and felt the need to strike early! Also, they probably wouldn’t sell the tarp, they would just cut it up and sell it in pieces. I’m sure you could get a lot of buyers for a fabric like that.

    • Brandon Petersen

      My dad also thinks the Seinfeld podcast is asinine. My mom likes it though. (I was driving them to the airport).

  • Brandon Petersen

    Akiva said he would’ve been reprimanded for showing Seinfeld in class this week. Reminded me of my sophomore year in college when my drama professor showed us the reverse episode in class and we had to write a paper on it. Apparently the episode is based on some old play. Jeremy Irons comes to mind. Boy, that was money well-spent.


    the ‘weekend at bernie’s’ LOL XD

  • Hornacek

    Although Seinfeld was incredibly popular when Mel Torme appeared in this episode, I think in pop culture he was most well known at the time from his many (half a dozen?) appearances on Night Court (a Must See TV staple). Harry Anderson’s character was a super-duper Mel Torme fan (in the pilot he says “I own every album Mel Torme has ever made … I’m going to marry the women that is impressed by that.”) and Torme eventually appears on the show where he is usually annoyed by Harry’s adoration. I had no idea who Torme was when Night Court aired, so everything I know about him comes from that show. So when he appeared in this episode (and later in Sliders – I remember that episode!) I remember thinking “It’s Mel Torme, that guy from Night Court!”