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Seinfeld: The Junk Mail | Episode 161 Recap Podcast

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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 9, Episode 5, “The Junk Mail.”

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  • Hornacek

    Have to disagree with Akiva about Mimic (starring Mira Sorvino). That is a great movie, very scary, and the man-sized bugs are great. All the sequels suck.

    Akiva was surprised that Rob knew Colin Powell trivia. Surprised Rob didn’t mention that one of the finalists on his first Survivor season answered Powell to the jury question of the famous person he tried to play his game like.

    I think Jerry is watching a tape he has recorded of other stand-up comedians and that’s what he’s fast forwarding through when he spots The Wiz commercial (maybe something like A&E’s Evening At The Improv?).

    How does Jerry not recognize Kramer’s voice when he calls to buy the van?

    According to Wikipedia, Wilfred Brimley’s character is a homage to his character in the movie Absence of Malice where he plays a similar character (the attorney general brought in for a crisis). I didn’t see that movie so for me it seemed more about his role in the Tom Cruise movie The Firm (1993) where Cruise plays a lawyer who joins a law firm and finds out it’s run by the mob. Brimley plays the head of security who intimidates and blackmails Cruise’s character. It’s a great portrayal and totally unexpected since up until that point Brimley was most known for playing nice grandfatherly roles, and the Quaker Oats commercials.

  • christyk

    He’s The Wiz and nobody beats him…