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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 6, Episode 17, “The Kiss Hello“.

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  • Craig

    Sorry I didn’t send in a question this week. I just got my first car recently so my scheduled has been a little thrown off. The car is a used car, and when I was negotiating for it I asked if it was previously owned by John/Jon Voight or if it needed a new Johnson Rod, and I got no response back.

    All the doctor stuff in this episode is so funny, because I am actually listening to this episode in a clinic.

    On the squeeze mustard thing, I think the reason why there is queeze mustard is because of the consistency of the mustard. Mustard may be thicker than ketchup. Also, mustard is used more as a topping while ketchup is more commonly used as a dip.

    As for the kiss scene which you both described as “sitcomy”, I have a feeling that was improvised a bit just by the look on Jerry’s face. He looked pretty shocked that Michael Richard’s did that. Also, considering Richard carried around an air conditioner box with an air conditioner in it in The Parking Garage, I don’t think he’s the kind of actor who would do the fake kiss cop out.

    So glad PSR is finally getting the possible award recognition. I say that The Seinfeld podcast should be considered as the official submission for the award. It may have the fewest comments,the smallest viewer base, be vastly different from every other show on here, and least represent what this site is about, but… You know I don’t know where I’m going with this but bottom line, I hope PSR can get the nomination, at least as an FU to the podcast man and his mercy rules.

  • Sam Paxton

    You refer to Nana as “Nana Seinfeld” … if it wasn’t clear before, I think this episode established that Uncle Leo is Helen’s brother, not Morty’s. So it wouldn’t be Nana Seinfeld, it’d be Nana (Helen’s maiden name).

  • redbluegreen

    The gossip hour was the funnier than the episode itself. I love when the podcast veers off topic; it is very Seinfeld-esque.

  • Brandon Petersen

    It’s Carol LEAF-er. Stop the nonsense.

  • Hornacek

    What was up with Rob and Akiva this episode? They were very negative and down on pretty much everything in the Seinfeld episode, much more than for previous episodes that they have not liked. Were they in a bad mood or something? They have covered episodes that had similar (or even worse) plot problems and they haven’t been this negative. This was a pretty good (but not great) episode with lots of laughs, but they treated it like it was a season 1 episode that they “just had to get through”.

    Maybe the reason George and Elaine are upset about having to use insurance for appointments that either (a) George missed, or (b) Elaine feels is Wendy’s fault, is because even if they have insurance through work, most employers don’t give you unlimited insurance. You usually have a fixed amount for the year. So George having to pay for a missed appointment is either $75 from his insurance “allowance” that he can’t use for an actual appointment (or maybe he has to pay for it out of his own pocket?), and Elaine has to user her insurance for an injury that was caused by Wendy, and maybe she might run out of insurance for medical appointments later in the year for something accidental. Medical insurance through work is not an unlimited bank account – it has a finite amount each year, and you have to keep an eye on it as you use it to know how much is left.

    Rob and Akiva say there is no tie-up with the story about Uncle Leo and the money. They must have skipped the scene after Jerry talks with Buddy where Uncle Leo shows up and Jerry introduces him to Buddy and tells him that he got the whole story from him and that Uncle Leo is “Busted!”