Seinfeld: The Little Kicks | Episode 138 Recap Podcast


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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 8, Episode 4, “The Little Kicks”.

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  • Craig

    With the SNL podcast ending this week, it’s sad to think of this podcast ending because that will mean there will be not comedy shows podcasted on PSR. I hope something comes along soon. I’m a huge comedy fan, and I just don’t feel it is really represented well in podcast form anywhere.

    To the episode, on the question about whether a phone can film a whole movie, I can tell you no. There are so many factors between battery power and space that makes it impossible.
    I remember one time at the theatre, I caught two kids trying to record a movie on their phone. One of my managers went and took the phone and said that they were going to call the police, but when he mentioned that he was going to call the kids mothers, that’s when they really freaked out. He was doing it all as a scare tactic, but it worked. It was fun to see them squirm.

    I actually like smaller theatres compared to bigger ones for any movie. Smaller feels a lot more intimate.

    I know this is likely not possible, but I wish we could get the Festivus episode done live on Festivus. Since this would be the last time there will be a chance to do it. The Festivus episode being done in May or June just doesn’t feel right.

  • homertownie

    Rob and Akiva — Before you end this podcast series, you should go back and rewatch the pilot and second episode (to include Elaine) and discuss how the series evolved from its beginning. Many series are very different by the end of their run than the pilot.

  • Hornacek

    In the theater, why does Jerry sit next to Brody? I know they had to do it for the comedy, but Brody is Kramer’s friend. It should have been Jerry/Kramer/Brody. Why is Kramer not sitting next to Brody?

    I like how George uses chewing gum as part of his “bad boy” image. He might chew more gum in this one episode than he does in the rest of the series combined. In fact, he purposely does not chew gum in the episode where Lloyd Braun offers the Chinese gum to the guys.

    Since Jerry doesn’t learn about Elaine’s dancing until season 3, this means that they never went dancing when they were dating. I can’t remember if they ever specifically stated how long they dated, or if there’s a scene of Jerry dancing with anyone. Seems strange that they never would have gone anywhere while dating where they would have danced – Jerry would not have wanted to go to such places, but Elaine probably would have dragged him to some.