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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 7, Episode 3, “The Maestro“.

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  • Craig

    Sorry I didn’t send in any questions this week. I got a new night job recently, but I still kept my day job, so all I’ve had time for is work and sleep. The benefits of this night job though is that I can listen to podcasts, which is really great for this one, especially when it’s delivered late into Saturday.

    I have had to use a bed as a chair when working on a computer often in my life due to the size of my room, and believe me Akiva, the novelty of it wares off fast. The first 30 minutes or so it seems awesome, but after that you start feeling really uncomfortable in the backside, and you realize just how hard it is to type. I tried buying one of those “bed in breakfast” type stands, but the softness of the bed made it unable to stay upright.

    You said that Phil Morris said that Larry and Jerry have always refused to let him do Jackie Chiles in other opportunities because it might dilute the characters brand, but Morris as Chiles has done many ads with the character

  • Turned Out To Me Price

    The discussion on George’s selective empathy here is interesting! But I think the conclusions that George (or any of the Core 4) have a capacity for even situational empathy is incorrect.

    This reminds me of the episode of Curb where Larry is deeply disturbed by the fact that Jeff is going to sit on a plane for six hours without any reading material, or any distraction. Even though this doesn’t bother Jeff in the slightest, it clearly upsets Larry, and he can’t let it go – i.e. Jeff’s boredom is Larry’s boredom. Similarly, the security guard’s discomfort is George’s discomfort. I think this is less a function of George’s capacity to sense the slightest human suffering, as he claims, and more a function of his (and LD’s) plain old neuroses.

  • Crappy

    Kramer and balm stuff was a play on OJ being asked to try the gloves in the court room. It is not a straight riff on the thing but the prospect of Kramer being asked to put the balm on ruining the case is kind of reminiscent of the glove fiasco.
    Also once Kramer takes that ‘half offer’. I don’t think Jackie has too many options, at least not in sitcom or TV world. Coffee corporation are now never going to offer anything more since they know that Kramer is ready to settle with the coffee offer. So there is zero room for Jackie to work them for a better deal.

  • Suzi!

    Keevdogg, I insist you call Rob Masterpodcaster from NOW ON

  • Hornacek

    So has this podcast given up on the written episode recaps? I haven’t seen one in awhile.

  • Hornacek

    If you watch the previous episode, Kramer has removed the lid from the coffee while he’s in line with Jerry at the movies! So when Jackie asks him if if Java World put the lid on or not, it doesn’t matter – Kramer already removed it. He puts the lid back on himself when he hides the coffee in his shirt.