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Seinfeld: The Package | Episode 139 Recap Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 8, Episode 5, “The Package”.

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  • Craig

    Hey guys, it’s Craig! A proud member of the PWHDD-G5B… Ah screw it, were called The Nothings! That’s our group name.

    Rob can’t stay off of twitter for a week. I just don’t see it happening. I sadly also don’t see the Constanza poster happening soon either.

    Don’t have much else to say on this episode, but it was a good podcast. This season is a rocket that just keeps going. This is where Seinfeld really gets good.

  • Hi, I’m currently at Ep.091 The Couch and Akiva asks if there’s anyone who would write down all the questions to Larry and Jerry from Ep.001. Is there anyone who’s done it already?

    • This is just brilliant! ‪‬