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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 4, Episode 13, “The Pick.”

Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur made sure not to miss any buttons as they convened to recap the next episode in the Seinfeld series. This time, they talked about “The Pick”, which first aired December 16, 1992 as part of season four.

The guys spent a lengthy amount of time discussing an idea for a Back to the Future reboot before getting into the Seinfeld news, and went on several tangents throughout the podcast as well. They have cast Anna Kendrick in the Marty McFly role and bandied about several names to fill the Doc Brown role, including Chris Tucker, Peter Dinklage and Zach Galifianakis.

There was a little bit of news this week. Wednesday, June 24th will be the day Seinfeld comes to Hulu. Also, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld participated in David Letterman’s final Top 10 list on The Late Show. Rob noted that next week’s episode will drop right around the one year anniversary of the podcast.

Jerry does a standup bit about modeling and how they tend to overshadow the product being sold. The episode opens with George at Jerry’s apartment lamenting his breakup with Susan. Jerry and Elaine remind him that he didn’t even like her when they were together. While George talks about how he’ll spend the rest of his life in his disgusting apartment with no underwear, Elaine suggests seeing a psychiatrist to help.

Elaine notices Jerry got a Christmas card from the model Tia with her photo on it, which prompts her to want to do the same thing when Kramer offers to take the picture for her. Elaine talks about her religious boyfriend, which Rob and Akiva believed was only added to the script as a precursor to him admonishing her for the nipple picture. Rob also noted another useless storyline where Kramer is obsessed about Jerry’s cereal selection. The scene wraps with George singing a sad song, to which Jerry tells him it’s time to go.

In the next scene, Jerry is at his apartment with Tia talking about getting a tropical fish tank when he notices her perfume smells a lot like Kramer’s idea of The Beach. When Kramer comes in for a dust buster, Jerry does his best to keep them separated, but can’t keep Kramer from recognizing the smell. It takes him a few beats to notice, but when he does he is incensed, thinking he missed out on being a fragrance mogul.

George decides to meet with Elaine’s psychiatrist friend, however he can’t get through the session because he’s obsessed with getting his jacket zipper unstuck. Meanwhile, Elaine is showing Jerry her Christmas card she had Kramer do when he notices that her nipple is showing, leaving her mortified. They show it to Kramer, who does a double take, and Jerry ultimately decides that they need Newman to determine if the nipple is that easy to see. Newman pops in, points out the nipple and leaves.

The psychiatrist is now trying to help George with the zipper, and she gets so aggravated by it, she abruptly ends the session. In the next scene, Jerry is in his car scratching the side of his nose. Tia is in a cab next to him, and from her angle it looks as though he’s picking deep in his nose. Her cab drives off with Tia looking disgusted, with Jerry screaming “it was not a pick!”.

Back at Jerry’s apartment, he is telling George about Tia thinking he picked his nose. George tells him it’s not a big deal, but says he’d never date a woman if he caught her doing that. He added that Moses probably picked, since he wandered the desert with that dry air. Elaine comes in complaining about her coworkers calling her “Nip” now that they’ve seen the Christmas card. George tries to complain to Elaine about not being on her Christmas card list, and she shoves his face into her chest, saying “here’s your Christmas card”. Rob called it the joke of the episode.

Kramer comes back in for more cereal and notices that Elaine is wearing his scent. When Jerry calls Tia’s agency to track her down, they learn she’s at the Calvin Klein offices. They all decide to head down there, Jerry to shame Tia for bailing on him and Kramer to argue with Calvin Klein about stealing his fragrance.

In the next scene, George is meeting with Susan at the diner, trying to convince her to take him back. He goes on about how he’s a rock, he can change. He talks about how Louis Pasteur and his wife supported each other without having anything in common, and they could be like them. Susan ultimately agrees to take him back.

Out in the lobby at Calvin Klein, Jerry confronts Tia about ducking his phone calls, causing quite the scene. Next we see Elaine, where she is defending herself to her religious boyfriend over the nipple picture, telling him he’s the one who’s exposed his true self. Another cut to George and Susan walking up to her apartment, where George is immediately dreading his choice to get back with Susan. Back at Calvin Klein, Kramer is modeling for Calvin and some other employees in his underwear, intriguing them with his look. Out in the lobby, Jerry continues with his rant defending himself and all other pickers out there.

The episode closes at the diner, where George tells them he really made a mistake getting back with Susan, but got out of it all by letting her catch him picking his nose. Kramer comes in with a magazine to show his photo that Calvin Klein took. Elaine points out that she thinks she can see his nether regions.

In 2015, the episode would mostly hold up. The turnaround time on the Christmas card would be much shorter in the digital world, but other than that, Akiva couldn’t think of anything. In ranking the episode, he felt it was quite a good one, putting it at 33. Rob agreed, adding that there were a good amount of laughs even in the side stories.

Newman dropped off a bit of mail for them to go through this week. Amir chimed in to point out that it was implausible that Elaine wouldn’t send George a Christmas card. He also wondered why Kramer wouldn’t call Jackie Childs right when he first smelled The Ocean. Johnny De Silveira emailed in with some notes. First, George’s psychiatrist will appear again two more times throughout the series. He also said that the episode was indeed supposed to be called “The Nipple”. Ryan McCleod wanted to point out that Newman will later be in love with Elaine, but he seemed unfazed by looking at Elaine’s nipple.

Tune in next week as the guys will recap “The Movie”, where they’ll decide whether they’d rather see Rochelle, Rochelle or Checkmate. Send in your questions by emailing [email protected] .  Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast by going to where you can rate and review the podcast.  And as always, you can follow them on twitter @robcesternino and @keev26.

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  • Chlsea_1905

    I love how these podcast are now an hour and a half. Keep it up guys.

    • Craig

      Remember earlier in this season with The Wallet and The Watch, Rob and Akiva said that they didn’t want to do 2 episodes together for the second week because they didn’t want the podcasts going over 1:30:00? Then they got to Opera and just said “Harry Fong it!”

  • Craig

    I listened to this podcast straight through, and I have no idea how you got to the Back to the Future thing. Anna Kendrick as Marty McFly (or Marsha McFly I guess) would be something I would so watch, but then again I will watch almost anything with Anna Kendrick in it.

    Great podcast as usual. Seeing as we are coming up to the one year anniversary of the PSR podcasts, the start of Seinfeld on Hulu, and the shows 26th birthday on July 4th, I kind of had an idea. It’s something I have brought up before but I think could really work now. What if you guys did 7 Seinfeld podcasts and had them all released one day after another on the same week as the episodes go up on Hulu? It would be a really fun event for the site, and considering Hulu has sponsored RHAP before, maybe they might even sponsor the week of episodes, considering a podcast like this would give people a reason to go watch those episodes on Hulu. The episodes could be recorded before hand and just released one day after another. I think it would be fun.

    Now for a few points on the episode.

    George crying over Susan is a top 10 George moment for me. It’s not really a great acting job because I feel like Jason Alexander hams it up a bit too much, but that’s kind of what makes it great.

    Rob, when you send out Christmas cards for Dominic, are they captioned with “Ya Gotta See the Baby!”

    I’m totally Team Scratch here. I don’t believe Jerry would ever pick. He’s too much of a germaphobe to do that.

    I’m also on Team Please Stop with the Phony Cast Interviews Bit. I really hate that running gag on here. It’s just the same joke told again with the dead call noise at the end. Ah well, who the hell am I?

    Can’t wait for the next episode. I’m going to have a lot to say on that one. For the record, you two are more then just nips to me. You full on boobs!

    • Banya says that bit is GOLD!

      • Craig

        I’d prefer more jokes on risk management. Roundtine.

    • Chlsea_1905

      aww, com’on Craig the phone call thing is great. I’ll admit that maybe it doesn’t need to be used on every single podcast but I love it as a running gag.

  • Lol Rob. No idea how you can’t see that was a pretty shitty thing to say to Nicole. It sounded like it was said with good intentions, but really it’s the equivalent of saying “if it wasn’t for Dom I really don’t know why we’re together”. I don’t doubt that you really do have plenty in common though.

  • Suzi!

    How about Richard Lewis as the prof? #CastingGold. Or even Larry David? Huh? C’mon, you know you love it~~~
    Ok, Larry is too much like the old professor, but Richard would be great. A Jewish professor full of neurotic angst ~

  • Suzi!

    You guys have to do the finale with either Kramer, or George, or somebody from the show. That would be epic. Even the Soup Nazi would be good ~

    • Chlsea_1905

      Jason Alexander would be great. Michael Richards doesn’t seem he would be good podcast material. I feel he takes himself a bit to serious in all the inside looks and commentaries I’ve watched on the dvd extras. Wayne Knight would also be great.

      • Suzi!

        Yeah it seems like Jason is more accessable~~

  • Suzi!

    She’s wearing a button up blouse, no bra, the blouse poofs out and voila, a nipple. Or no bra, and the blouse or sweater is slightly see-through.

  • msmont1

    This reminded me of the hilarious Back to the Future Podcast that Rob did with Stephen Fishbach back in 2011. It is really worth a listen.

    • Chlsea_1905

      I listened to it about a year ago and loved it. I vaguely remember them saying there was going to be another podcast but I don’t think they ever did it.

  • George Vargo

    Hey you guys ever seen Rob and Gary’s top 20 NBC’s Thrusday night must see tv charters list from 2011? What do you guys think? Go the Redemption Island Finale Recap and click the ustream video to watch.

    • msmont1

      I hope Rob and Akiva redo that 20 twenty characters show.

      • George Vargo

        Not sure who will be add to the list, just wonder if some will move up and down.

    • Suzi!

      Gary? It’s Rob & Gordon Holmes ~

  • Suzi!

    If you did have to pick your nose a hundred years ago, people carried handkerchiefs around, so you would use that. I don’t think a finger in the nose was ok.

  • Tvaddic

    Loved the podcast, my favorite episode so far, here are some quick hits:
    The Back to the Future reboot should be called Back from the Future, a reference to a line Marty McFly said in part 2.
    Dinklage makes 300K an episode according to Deadline, 300K for 10 episodes is exactly 3 million
    Having George develop a crush on his daughter in the BTTF reboot makes the whole thing way more creepier

  • Chris England

    Anna Kendrick as Marsha McFly? This scene ( is gonna be awkward when Dave Franco starts calling Marsha Calvin.

  • Claire

    Not to be a grammar nazi, but Akiva is misusing the word nonplussed. It means perplexed, bewildered, or stunned.

    • akiva wienerkur

      Chester said this too. While nonplussed does mean perplexed also, the way I used it, in the context of being unbothered by something, has become an accepted use of the word.

  • LOVED the BTTF tangents and the fake phone calls still crack me up.

    Here’s a story for next week’s “Seinfeld News”

    • Suzi!

      You’re video “could not be played”

      • Oh no! It works for me in playback. Maybe it’s a region thing?

        To sum up Jerry had a claymation episode all ready to go but dropped it last minute because he heard Tim Allen did something similar on Home Improvement.

        • Chlsea_1905

          worked for me. Thanks for the link

        • Suzi!

          Maybe because I’m not on Facebook?

  • So how about this for “Back in the Future” …

    Donald Glover(?) plays a young aspiring screenwriter. He’s had some success and can get meetings in Hollywood, but he hasn’t done anything of note in a while. He decides to write a spec script for a Back to the Future reboot that he LOVES, but he can’t get anyone of importance on board. He missed the boat — the name doesn’t carry much weight with millennials, or something.

    But Christopher Lloyd (for some reason) is on board, and he decides to let Donald in on a secret. The DeLaurian is real, and he wants Donald to use it to go back in time and derail the production of the Back to the Future. Once back, they pitch the idea for Back to the Future together.

    In 1985, Donald can get to know the kooky cast of the movie, screw things up in comical ways, and then come to the realization that without Back to the Future, his life is irrevocably changed. He saves the movie, and jumps back to 2015 maybe writes a screenplay based on his experience.

    It would be a great reintroduction to the series before the sequel, which sees Anna Kendrick stopping the Civil War, or whatever Akiva was talking about.

  • Maria Flor

    Can’t believe nobody remembered that Peter Dinklage was on Seinfeld, he was James’ Telephone Voice in the episode The Wink. He wakes Elaine and flirts with her on the phone.
    So yes, he’s heard of Seinfeld and you guys could totally interview him for the podcast and after asking many questions about his vital role, introduce The Back to the Future remake idea.
    But honestly I hate remakes of awesome movies that are perfect the way they are, so I won’t be sad when he hangs up (yeah, I’m that mean)
    Love the podcast you guys are wonderful =)

    • Snuffeldjuret

      Just listened to the wink podcast and I just had to stop by to point out as well that rob was wrong :D.

  • homertownie

    “The Leaning Susan” Seinfeld parody is funny, and some of the characters are spot on!

  • AngryTumbleweeds

    Hi guys. I love the podcast as much as Newman hates broccoli!

    Also have some comments about Elaine’s exposure …1) nearly all ill-fitting button-down shirts will ‘gap’ open between the buttons (and sometimes even ok-fitting shirts if poorly designed button positions and/or poor quality). 2) certain bras can be very see-through, ie, the cup part may be almost as sheer as hosiery, or perhaps just a see-through lace material. In my experience, this was more common back in Seinfeld days than it is today, and buying a new bra back then wasn’t just about finding a good fit, but you also had to ensure it would be appropriate in that way. So I think the resulting photo was a legit scenario (though in real life, I think you’d inspect the photo carefully before mailing them out!).

    Also, going back a few eps when you guys were asking about diaphragm stuff…they were fairly common as birth control because, like the pill, it empowered women to be in charge of that issue. The diaphragm is totally reusable, and could be ‘installed’ hours in advance of actually needing it. And, if a women choose a diaphragm over the pill, it was a big deal because they had to be fitted to each individual and prescribed by a gynecologist. They are a very personal (ie, customized) item, and also a commitment (time for Dr. appts, learning curve for proper use, maintenance, and also $), so most women were very careful and diligent with it, and storing it in a purse was kind of standard operating procedure. So Elaine’s clumsiness was kind of a big deal, from several angles.

    Just thought I’d offer a lady perspective to these issues! And I tried to keep it clinical and non-nsfw, but please delete if anything is too risque!

  • Brian Hough

    How did you guys not come up with “Jeff Goldblum”?

  • Terri Parker Raab
  • Hornacek

    At the beginning of the episode, when George is talking to Jerry in the diner he mentions how he would dread walking up those stairs to Susan’s apartment. Then at the end when he gets her back, thinking that he’s done the right thing, there’s that silent scene of them walking up those same stairs. Susan looks happy, but George’s expression – changes as he walks up, realizing that he’s made a hug mistake. It’s a very important scene as it shows that Jerry and Elaine were right and George was just fooling himself about wanting Susan back.