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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur discuss what Rob calls the first great Seinfeld episode of all time, “The Pony Remark”.

The plot of the episode involves Jerry and Elaine attending the 50th anniversary party of one of Jerry’s relatives, Manya. Since the party is so boring Elaine makes a comment about how she doesn’t like ponies and Jerry chimes in that he hates anybody who ever had a pony – not knowing that Manya was very attached to a pony from her childhood in Poland.

The comment upsets Manya so much that she ends the party prematurely. Days later, Jerry learns that Manya has died and her funeral is in conflict with the championship game for his softball team. Jerry weighs whether or not he should attend the funeral of his relative whom he did not know but may have inadvertently killed.

Not surprisingly, the episode is taken from events that occurred in the real life of Larry David.

Among the topics discussed in the episode are how the Kramer character is finally starting to take shape with his discussion of levels in his apartment, the cheapness of the real Morty Seinfeld and how great George is in his limited role in this episode.  Plus, we take a closer look at some of the unique rules in Jerry’s softball league.

Join us next week when Rob and Akiva discuss the final Seinfeld episode from the first season of the show “The Jacket”.

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Seinfeld Season 2, Episode 2: The Pony Remark – From

Seinfeld, The Post Show Recap: Review of Season 2's "The Pony Remark"

Seinfeld, The Post Show Recap: Review of Season 2’s “The Pony Remark”

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  • Thomas Mullaney

    Much like these early Seinfeld episodes, these podcasts are getting better and better. Can’t wait for The Jacket!

  • Paolo S.

    George’s random line of “I can’t imagine a scenario where I ever have sex again” was classic. Probably the first of many quotable Costanza phrases.

  • Cutlass12

    Who wouldn’t love a podcast?! Who would love a person with a podcast?!

    I’m thrilled that You guys are doing the whole series! Thanks you you I’ve gone back to watch from the beginning. Of course, I’m now halfway through season 3.

    Maybe it’s just because the early episodes are kind of weak, but have you guys considered reviewing more than one episode per week? For example, I’ve been following along with the reviews The AV Club did of the whole series a few years ago and they did 3 episodes per weekly review, which may be a bit too cramped, but a standard of 2 episodes per weekly review, with exception made for the truly great episodes, might be worth considering. Regardless, I love the podcast!

    • Thomas Mullaney

      I agree the early episodes are much weaker but I don’t think we need to rush through them. Let’s give the greatest sitcom of all time the respect it deserves and do it some justice! One a week is perfect as far as I’m concerned

  • Hornacek

    It looked like Dreyfuss was breaking character at the very end where she started laughing at Jerry’s last line.