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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 6, Episode 10, “The Race.”

Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur chose to podcast this week about Seinfeld, bringing you the recap of “The Race”, which first aired December 15, 1994 as part of season six.  The episode was written by Gammill, Pross, LD and Sam Kass.
News – Though he didn’t have hard news to share, Akiva wanted to talk about a tweet of Jerry’s from this past week where he said if Jerry and George were cool, it would have ruined the show.  Akiva argued he always thought Jerry was cool.
Jerry’s story – Jerry’s new girlfriend Lois’ boss is Jerry’s arch nemesis Duncan from high school, who is still sore about Jerry beating him in the 9th grade race.  Jerry and George reveal to Elaine that Jerry actually jumped the gun, but he’ll never admit it to Duncan.  He and George devise a plan to have George pretend to bump into Jerry and Duncan and confirm that Jerry did not cheat at the race, which ends up not quite working.  When Duncan threatens to fire Lois if Jerry doesn’t redo the race, he finally agrees.  At the race, Kramer’s car backfires right before the race starts, so Jerry jumps out ahead once again, winning the race.
George’s story – George notices some personal ads in the Communist newspaper Elaine’s boyfriend Ned is reading.  When his secretary overhears him talking to one of the ladies, she tells on him to Steinbrenner.  Steinbrenner is actually happy about this, as it gives the Yankees an opportunity to scout Cuban baseball players, sending George to go meet with Fidel Castro.  Castro likes George as well, and gives him full access to any of their players.
Elaine’s story – Elaine starts off the episode getting banned from having delivery from Hop Sing Chinese Food for complaining about her order.  She is dating a man named Ned who turns out to be a Communist, which intrigues Elaine.  She does try to up Ned’s wardrobe from the drab attire a Communist wears.  Things end up sour with Ned when Elaine gets him banned from Hop Sing, which was the restaurant his Communist father used to spend all day in after being black listed decades ago.
Kramer’s story – Mickey has landed Kramer a job as a mall Santa for the holidays.  On his first day, Ned starts feeding Kramer Communist propaganda, which Kramer in turn stars preaching to the kids visiting.  One of the kids shouts out that he’s a commie, leading to the mall manager firing him.
Rob and Akiva tangents – The guys started the show discussing how neither of them love running so much, though they both dabble.  They talked about how Ned is fine to be a Communist for Elaine, just as long as he is pro choice.  Akiva had a lot of questions about the mall Santa that Rob was able to fill him in on.  Rob also explained what homeroom was in school, and how Rob didn’t attend much since he used to read the school’s morning announcements.
What doesn’t work in 2016 – In 2016, the relations with Cuba have thawed considerably.  Also, someone would have videotaped the race on their phone, allowing Duncan to prove Jerry jumped early.  Jerry, George and Duncan would probably be Facebook friends, so George couldn’t pretend to bump into them after 20 years.
Grades and Ranking – Both the guys agreed that Jerry’s story deserved an A, as well as George’s.  Akiva got Rob to agree that Elaine’s story was deserving of a B+.  They disagreed on Kramer’s grade, with Akiva giving him a B-, while Rob thought it was definitely the weakest story, earning a C.  Akiva thought this was the best episode of season six so far, slotting it at 17, with Rob agreeing that it’s an underrated episode.
Emails – David emailed in to share that he’s listened to the all Seinfeld Post Show Recaps 11 times over.  He shared how he loves that Akiva has a better microphone than in the beginning, and how the podcasts improve with each episode.  Colin the delivery guy remarked about how all the business owners in Seinfeld are quick to ban customers.  Colin added that the pizza place he works at has banned customers, but only in extreme circumstances.
Andrew, Akiva’s childhood friend wrote in to comment on how great the soup countdown was, adding how a young Akiva once told his mother she made a poor excuse for a matzo ball.  Lindsay emailed in to ask what the 2016 equivalent would be to Elaine dating a communist.  Akiva and Rob thought a conspiracy theorist or the Illuminati would correlate.  Dan the benefactor noted how George could have bridged the gap with Cuba in order to bring in El Duke` a few years later.
Craig from Vancouver added that the phase “I choose not to run” was derived from Calvin Coolidge.  Travis noted that Kramer’s ideas for deli meat classification poses a problem for Rob and Akiva’s drive to rename bologna to American salami.  Amir wondered why Ada would tell Steinbrenner about George being a communist when she could be putting her job in danger after having slept with him.  Harry saw that several of the names on the Hop Sing banned list are made up of random cast and crew from Seinfeld.
Lastly, Chester wanted to know how Jerry would pull off fooling Lois, pretending to not know George, when they have hung out every day for years.  As an aside, Johnny De Silveira answered their question from last week when Rob asked him to ding, marry, kill his favorite three podcasts.  He said he’d ding House of Cards, marrySeinfeld, and kill SNL.
Tune in next week as the guys will recap “The Switch”. Send in your questions by emailing[email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast by going to where you can rate and review the podcast. You can get a discussion going about the podcast by leaving a comment on the show page, and as always, you can follow them on Twitter @robcesternino and @keev26.
Special thanks to Mike Moore for writing this week’s episode summary
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  • Wesley

    So this People vs OJ podcast… That’s happening, correct? I need it with Akiva and Rob. I need it. Akiva, consider it please.

    • Johnny De Silveira

      I don’t know when it will be up but Antonio Mazzaro tweeted recently that him and Rob will be doing an update on the series.

  • readerreader

    The reason presidential candidates suspend their campaign instead of formally ending it is so that they can continue to raise money to pay off campaign debt.

  • John Gormley

    Elaine’s storyline was very similar with the takeaway to how it will be in the pothole, given that they are rejecting to deliver to her address. However nobody will order it for her in that episode living in the other apartment block. Could she of ran into the same problem in this episode if she offered a neighbour to order it for her?

  • Hornacek

    This is definitely a different set for Elaine’s apartment – in her old apartment the door was center-stage, but now it’s on the left. And she did get kicked out of her old apartment by her old roommate at the end of last season so this is a new apartment.

    It’s not that Lois would break up with Jerry if he made up an excuse about how he can’t run anymore. Her name is Lois! This is as close as he’s ever gotten to being Superman. He needs to appear like Superman to her. He can’t appear as if he’s any less than Superman to her. Saying he can’t run now would ruin that illusion.

    I think the reason Ada turns George in for being a communist when last episode she had sex with him and he got her a whopping raise is because she hates communists. When she thinks George is a communist she feels betrayed. In fact, she probably quit in disgust when he didn’t get fired, which explains why we don’t see her again.

    A plot hole in this episode is that Duncan not knowing that Jerry and George are friends. I guess the writers forgot that Jerry and George made a pilot which aired on TV which was based on Jerry’s life and portrayed George as Jerry’s best friend. Even in the pre-internet days, this would have been big news among the people in Jerry’s high school class – even if anyone didn’t see it themselves, they would have heard about it from classmates.