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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 7, Episode 13, “The Seven”.

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  • Craig

    Commenting as I go here.

    I’ve been suggesting that you two should double up the podcast for years now! January 2017 The Winter of Seinfeld!

    Soda would have been an awesome name for a kid. Imagine that guy going through high school and college. He could always enter the room saying “Hey everyone, Soda’s in da house!” That guy would be the coolest guy at any party.

    Ah Moon is a great name. She invented the Valley Girl accent.

    Chester now has to name his kid Fishstick. If it’s a girl then she has to marry Stephen Fishbach’s future son and take his name to be Fishstick Fishbach.

    Be lucky you have Gulden’s mustard. They don’t sell it here in Canada, so yellow is quite common, and I hate it. Gulden’s though is the stuff man.

    Four is actually quite common in film. There’s Four in the Divergent Series and Four in the movie “I Am Number Four”. You don’t want to name a kid Fourty though, because your setting him up to be a drunk on malt liqour.

    Jerry loves it when Kramer comes by. It’s shown in a later episode when Kramer gets that job at the place that never hired him in “The Bizarro Jerry” episode.

    I love cargo pants so much. I think people who wear jeans are weird. I mean blue pants come on.

    No steroid monkey’s in the Hall of Fame. No to A-Fraud, no to Bonds, no to Clemens.

    Hey I didn’t invite them over. My mom did. I’m a millennial here. If I went out on my own in the Vancouver market, I would surely die.

    That’s it for the comments. Hope you enjoy your Mets playoff run led by Tim Tebow.

  • Hornacek

    No mention of George’s eating habits during the restaurant scene with Susan’s cousin. George was really taking giant helpings of spaghetti.

    I don’t understand Rob and Akiva’s (mostly Rob) problem with never finding out why Christie is always wearing the same outfit. It is a mystery, and it should remain a mystery – that’s the point. If we found out at the end of the episode that she did wear the same outfit all the time and why, it would be like seeing a magician do an amazing trick and then finding out how they did it, making the trick seem not that impressive anymore. The whole point of this story is that Jerry never finds out about her outfit(s). The story would have been worse if we had gotten an explanation – it’s the mystery of it that makes it good.

    Rob and Akiva’s problems (again, mostly Rob this time) with the end of Jerry and Christie’s story is confusing. She goes to change her clothes, and Jerry sees the picture of her in the same outfit. At this point Jerry is obsessed with finding out the secret of her outfit(s) – he cares more about it than their relationship. So he starts looking in her closet. She hears him, puts on the robe (they just started dating and haven’t had sex yet, so she wouldn’t walk out in her underwear, so of course she puts on a robe) and comes out to find him going through her closet. She’s been on a couple of dates with this guy, she only invited him back to her place so she could get changed before they go out. Then she finds him going through his closet. If I invite someone over to my place and find that when I left the room they start going through my things I’m going to be upset. So of course when she sees him going through the closet she’s thinking “Ok, this guy’s going through my stuff when I’m not in the room, I definitely don’t want to go out with him tonight, and I need to think about whether I should see him again at all.” Her reaction is perfectly logical. No idea why Rob had such a problem with it.