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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur recap the final episode of Season 1 of Seinfeld: “The Stock Tip”.

In this episode Jerry and George both put $2,500 into the same stock based on the recommendation that George has gotten from a friend of his who knows the exact time to sell. As the stock plummets once Jerry and George are shareholders, George is unable to get a hold of his contact. Meanwhile, Jerry tries to take his relationship with Vanessa (from The Stakeout) to “Phase 2”. Against George’s recommendation, Jerry takes Vanessa away and has a terrible weekend in Vermont. Jerry finally decides to sell the stock before it goes up 6 points earning George a lot of money.

Among the plot points discussed in the episode, Rob and Akiva talk about the following:

  • Does Superman actually have a sense of humor?  Is George or Jerry right about this debate?
  • Why does Elaine have such an issue with cruelty to animals in these early episodes considering some of the stances she takes against animals in future seasons?
  • How did a Seinfeld episode end with George being the big winner?
  • Why was Kramer filled with glee as Jerry’s stock continued to go down?
  • What are some of the reasons that Vanessa would not disclose what perfume she was wearing?

Join us next week when Rob and Akiva discuss the final Seinfeld episode from the first episode of the second season of Seinfeld: “The Ex-Girlfriend”.

Please let us know what you thought about the episode in the comments and whether you’d like to see the Seinfeld podcast cover the top 25 episodes or the entire Seinfeld catalog.

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Seinfeld Season 1, Episode 5 – From

Seinfeld, The Post Show Recap: Review of Season 1's "The Stock Tip"

Seinfeld, The Post Show Recap: Review of Season 1’s “The Stock Tip”

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  • Evan

    Mulva (Dolores) also appeared in 2 episodes. She appeared for second time when Jerry tries to convince her it was a mutual break up. Dont know where to vote but please do 180 episodes.

  • Paolo S.

    It’s interesting to note the symmetry between all these early episodes of Seinfeld and how they relate back to the series as a whole. I would love to hear the entire catalog of episode recaps if more people are gung-ho about it!

  • Mark

    Don’t do the top 25, just keep going in order! Seems an injustice to in depth follow the first season and then ignore some others that don’t fit into the top 25. Plus it has been fascinating to hear the development of characters, episodes aired in different orders etc. All which will be lost talking points if you jump around in random orders.

    In saying that, perhaps air two episodes a week, maybe slightly shorter episodes, so it doesn’t take years to complete the entire series!

    • David Allen

      I agree with Mark! Definitely go in order to get the full development. Perhaps when you are all done you can do a top 25 special similar to the Top 20 for Survivor (even though this will probably take place after the 25th anniversary).

  • Thomas Mullaney

    Really enjoying the podcast every week, so defs do the full 180! I still think there should be a vote on the best episodes though, maybe after you’ve podcasted about them all

  • David Mansfield

    …Yet another great podcast gentleman, If I may I suggest that perhaps you do both all 180 & top 25 and by that I mean do the episodes one by one have the RHAP members vote on their favourite top 25 and discuss whether you liked what we voted for what are both of your top 25’s etc. Just on a quick sidenote the only ‘funny’ hero I can think of is Ironman though I guess that’s debateable also and Elaine was an enviornmental friendly charector in the episode ‘The Revenge’ in which she spiked George’s bosses drink because he does not recycle.

  • Seriouschick


  • NRChandler

    I would love for you to do the whole series. I’m loving watching along with you guys.

  • cburger

    If “Seinfeld” had ended after one season, George would have gone out on quite the hot streak. I wonder if the writers were thinking about this when they wrote that episode about George leaving meetings early on a high note.

  • cburger

    Didn’t Rob and Akiva previously mention the clip shows being part of the 180 episode count? Shouldn’t it be #GoFor176? Are we getting multiple “Seinfeld: The Post Show Recap” clip shows?

  • chelsea_1905

    25 is not nearly enough. I have the whole series on dvd and need an excuse to watch each and every episode again, and then listen to Rob and Akiva talk about it.

  • Callan Brunsdon

    I can’t promise I’ll listen to them all, but go the whole show. What have you got to lose? Honestly, if anything, you’ll just GAIN listeners as it goes.

  • Brian Chamblee

    I have been having a hard time dealing with anxiety over the past month, but listening your show and watching Seinfeld episodes has helped me out a lot. Thank you so much for doing this podcast. It’s great to hear a couple of guys my age talking about one of my favorite shows. I hope y’all decide to recap all 180 episodes. I have enjoyed the first 5 and want to hear 175 more.

  • Matt Geoghegan

    I gotta vote for the top 25 just cuz I love countdowns and I am curious to see which episodes would make the cut. Having said that, I would not be disappointed if you guys did every episode. Is there any way we could do both?

  • Petzl

    As to Vanessa’s unwillingness to reveal her perfume, could not the name of
    the perfume actually be I Can’t Tell You?

  • John

    The scene where they didn’t show the how bad the hotel was or why she was so mean, was just to show how life is in “phase 2” in a cynical way regardless of the situation. Although I agree it might just be the budget/timing. I’d be on board with every episode or the top 10 from each season so it’s pure quality. Might be too many polls though

  • Tom Oosterbroek

    Go the distance!

  • Suzi!

    I would rather you guys do all the episodes. The bad episodes are probably funnier to recap than the good ones.

  • Suzi!

    Maybe Vanessa is just wearing Right Guard ~

  • Hornacek

    Regarding Elaine caring about the tuna, it’s been awhile since I saw those episodes, but when the NBC president becomes obsessed with Elaine he quits his job and joins Greenpeace to impress her. I think she had said something to him about how she could only be with a guy that did something that impressed her, like working with Greenpeace. Although she was trying to get rid of the guy so she may not have actually believed that, just saying something unattainable for most guys to get rid of him.