Seinfeld: The Strike | Episode 166 Recap Podcast


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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 9, Episode 10, “The Strike.”

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  • Giovanni Orellana

    It’s going to be so sad once this podcast ends.

  • Giovanni Orellana

    I think a better episode title for Male Unbonding should be renamed The Horrible Horneck.

    • Hornacek


      (although I had to upvote you for mentioning me by name)

  • Hornacek

    Now I’m wishing that, before Rob and Akiva started the Seinfeld podcast years ago, they had figured out what week of the year they should start it so that the Festivus episode would have lined up with the corresponding week in December. Maybe in the second run through.

    As a Canadian, I must disagree with Rob and Akiva’s low opinion of The Kids in the Hall, which was an incredibly successful and funny sketch comedy show in Canada for 6 years. And it must have been good enough to be picked up some American channels (HBO, CBS, Comedy Network) during its run, and popular enough for 2 North American tours (in 2000 and 2008). Hey, Canada Day was 2 days ago – if I’m ever going to defend Canadian content, this is the time of year to do it!

    Shouldn’t Kramer’s bagel skills be out of date after being on strike (and away from his job) for over 10 years? There’s probably lots of new machines in use that weren’t invented when he last worked.

    When Rob was upset that Akiva had corrected him about genealogy and Akiva said “I’m sorry” Rob should have said “You can stuff your sorrys in a sack, Mister!” (or even a sock)

    • Suzi!

      I never thought Kids in the Hall was good.

      • Hornacek

        Downvoted for blasphemy.

  • Austin

    I put peanut butter on my cinnamon raisin bagel