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Seinfeld: The Susie | Episode 149 Recap Podcast

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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 8, Episode 15, “The Susie.”

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  • Hornacek

    Oh wow, I got a mention during this episode about my comment for The Parking Space! Who knew that commenting on every episode in my mad rush to (a) rewatch the series and (b) listen to an episode a day in a mad rush to catch up to the current episodes would pay off in a mention on the podcast. Almost caught up!

    When Rob talked about George’s girlfriend calling him, he skipped over the best part – she says she’s at work so George calls her at home and leaves a message.

    When Rob says that it’s ironic how Kramer backs up when he bumps Jerry’s car, I loved how Akiva incredulously asked “It’s ironic?”

    When Mike pauses at the bar mitzvah/memorial sign I don’t think he’s deciding whether to go to the bar mitzvah or memorial. He heard Jerry talk about killing Susie and he’s shocked to see that Susie is already dead. Although, as Rob and Akiva mention, he makes a leap in thinking this Susie is the one he heard Jerry talk about.