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Seinfeld: The Voice | Episode 158 Recap Podcast

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Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur continue their journey to watch every Seinfeld episode as they discuss Season 9, Episode 2, “The Voice.”

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  • Hornacek

    The Dean’s name, Dean Jones, may be a reference to the actor Dean Jones, who starred in many Disney movies in the 60s and 70s, like The Love Bug.

    When Kramer says “Well, I have to say this seems capricious and arbitrary.” I thought that Jackie Chiles’ vocabulary is rubbing off on him.

  • Craig

    On why they paid George so much, they may have paid him more because of the thought that some of it was going to supplemented by the government. In some cases, when someone has a mental or physical disability, the government will pay for part of their salary. They maybe offered George more money because they thought the government might pay half.

    As for Cinemax, I’m in Canada so I don’t have US cable, but I do have Canadian cable which does offer some of Cinemax’s programming, and I can tell you that they still dabble in the After Dark programming. It’s known as Max After Dark, and after a quick search on Wikipedia, it seems to still be apart of the networks brand, and may even be a pillar of it.

    Also, Akiva you don’t like mustard on a hamburger? Not even Guldens? Now that’s some insanity. Don’t tell me you put mayo or some kind of “special sauce” on it.

  • TarafromLI

    When I was in the Police academy, I was called by my last name all the time, so it doesn’t bother me. My best friend has a very common first name so I have always called her by her last name and she loves it. So, I would conclude that calling a woman by her last name is circumstantial.