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Sharp Objects | Episode 6 Recap: “Cherry”

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Sharp Objects | Episode 6 Recap: “Cherry”

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Emily Fox (@emelette) strap on their skates and roll right through Wind Gap in their latest SHARP OBJECTS podcast. This week, they’re talking about “Cherry,” with two murder suspects rising to the top of Josh’s list, just as ghosts from Camille’s past start closing in. Only two episodes remain after this one. Get your feedback in for the next episode at

  • Brendan

    So sad there are only 2 episodes left. This podcast has been a great companion to the show. Hope you two find something else to team up on after.

  • Amber Evers

    aaarrgg!!! it’s 10 days since the last podcast (ep6) & ep7 imo was the best episode yet. Since I’m not on any social media I have no idea what the hold up is. If anyone knows why there isn’t a recap yet please reply here, thanks