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Silicon Valley Season 2 Premiere Recap with Mike Judge Talk

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Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) take a break from their podcast coding to talk about the HBO comedy Silicon Valley and, overall, the works of actor-writer-director Mike Judge. The two talk what the appeal is of Judge’s work, their favorite Judge shows and films, how long ramen noodles should cook for, and the many animal companions of Cee Lo Green. Grab a muffin from the possible investors you just insulted and enjoy!​

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  • Dylan Miller

    I am a super Game of Thrones fan.. but I was so much more excited about this premiere last night surprisingly. Very pumped to see you guys covering this episode.

    But please please please do a Party Down-cast! I can guarantee that it would get more than 10 listeners.

  • Charles Bikle

    “Time travel and Luke Wilson ? I’m out.”

  • Anna

    I wish I liked Silicon Valley more. I’m not sure why I don’t find this show particularly funny.. perhaps it’s just because I find the main characters highly unlikable. I do love Zach Woods, however, and so Jared is my favorite.
    I also go to a school where computer science and tech is pretty glamorized so I find the portrayals of the tech world in this show a little jarring.
    But I’ll keep watching and keep listening if you guys do more podcasts!

    • Charles Bikle

      Maybe you can’t see the humor because you’re in the eye of the storm ?

  • Charles Bikle

    My favorite scene from Silicon Valley: