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The Sinner | Season 2 Premiere Recap, “Part I”

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The Sinner | Season 2 Premiere Recap, “Part I”

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) reunite for a new podcast about “The Sinner,” the USA Network crime thriller focused on a new mystery with a new cast every season — and this year, that includes Carrie Coon, who starred as Nora Durst on one of Josh and Antonio’s all-time favorite shows both to watch and discuss on the air: “The Leftovers.” 

For anyone new to the world of “The Sinner,” first of all, you’re not alone! Josh has not seen the first season, and that’s not going to be an issue at all, according to veteran viewer Antonio. With the exception of holdover cast member Bill Pullman (“Detective Ambrose”), season two of “The Sinner” is an entirely separate entity from the first season. Hop right into the season two premiere without seeing a lick of season one, and you should be right at home.

As of now, Josh and Antonio are only planning on podcasting about the season premiere. If you want to hear us take on the full season of “The Sinner,” let us know! Send us an email through if you’re eager for more “Sinner” summer action.

  • Edwin Hernandez

    I loved season 1 so I hope you guys cover this season 🙂

  • FormerMissSmith

    Yes, please podcast about season 2. I watched season with my husband and we both liked it. I just finished the premier episode of season 2 and I thought it did a good job of making you want to know more.

  • NeedACleverName

    Did you give up on this?

  • TrentC

    I just binged season one to catch up with this.

    *season one spoiler below*

    During the first episode right after she attacks the guy on the beach, they reveal her talking to the girl nearby. Cora says – You’re safe, he can’t hurt you now.

    I instantly thought – How cool. The guy is potential murderer and she can somehow see the future.

    Turns out the real plot was a little more grounded. The truth behind her actions and the associated PTSD was compelling. It seemed like the character of Cora was an unreliable narrator as she kept changing her story in the early episodes. I actually felt a little let down as the real plot wasn’t anything fantasy based like I imagined.

    I don’t know how Josh or anyone could start at season two without this background knowledge. It was the foundation for the series and for her character.