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SNL Recap: Cameron Diaz Hosts on November 22, 2014


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LIVE at 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT on Sunday, November 23rd, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review the latest Saturday Night Live hosted by Cameron Diaz.

SNL 2014: Recap of Cameron Diaz Hosting Saturday Night Live from November 23, 2014

SNL 2014: Recap of Cameron Diaz Hosting Saturday Night Live from November 23, 2014

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  • Mike Bloom

    I’m wondering if the fact that the Good Neighbor sketches are so polarizing to you guys is indicative of SNL starting to divide its audience. I’m a constant Good Neighbor supporter, and they do represent what the viral/popular comedy trend today (Portlandia, The Birthday Boys, Kroll Show, Tim and Eric etc.). And I agree it’s completely different from everything else the show is doing. But I’m wondering that, since the viral aspects of these sketches are becoming more of an important factor, if the humor is starting to skew towards the jokes coming from a more awkward place.

    I also loved the theater piece. But it probably comes from the fact that I studied theatre in college and that was literally the show people would do for the freshmen every year to teach them about diversity. Complete with boxes.

    • Overall I was let down this week and don’t think anything was that memorable. Definitely thought Woody’s episode last week was stronger overall.

      I do agree with Mike. I think (while not always hits) the GN stuff is some of the most interesting pieces SNL produces. I think their stuff is definitely for a new audience group. I also went on Reddit to see what others thought and came across this on the SNL front page:

      In a side note did you catch the line about “coming back” next month in “Back Home Ballers.” Another holiday music video?! SNL really loves milking any great idea and until there is nothing left.

    • My biggest complaint with the good neighbor stuff is that a lot of it seems very repetitive to me. They’ve definitely done pieces that I’ve enjoyed.