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SNL Recap: Bill Hader Returns to Host on October 11, 2004


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LIVE at 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT on Sunday, October 12th, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review the latest Saturday Night Live hosted by Louis CK.

SNL 2014 Recap:  Bill Hader hosts Saturday Night Live on October 11, 2014

SNL 2014 Recap: Bill Hader hosts Saturday Night Live on October 11, 2014

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  • Alex Wilpon

    i posted this on the youtube page but you guys didn’t get to it. would love to hear your thoughts. do the hosts drag down SNL? for all practical purposes, bill hader
    “hosting” created an episode that was just the SNL cast and it was the
    funniest episode in a long time by far. the episodes with alums as hosts
    tend to be a slam dunk. the episodes with regular hosts are at best hit
    or miss, and usually more miss in recent memory. the hosts are fun,
    sure. but would SNL be funnier without them?

    • masbond84

      i wouldn’t specially say that hosts necessarily bring the sketches down. why eps with alums usually works cos they are very comfortable in live sketches and they have a backload of characters they are bringing back to the show. for first-time hosts, you have to deal with doing a live show and cue card reading and also getting into characters. sure, we have a lot of flat or stilted readings but at times, we get the wonderful host which surprises us. I think Justin Timberlake is a very good example of this. So yeah, I do think that as a whole, it might be funnier. but the hosts sometimes gives a different vibe that can make an ep even funnier.

  • Matthew Gregg

    This episode was great and made me a bit sad that we don’t get Hader every week. Was a little upset Hozier didn’t play From Eden as the second song.

    • MattLeveillee

      Hozier is one of the bands that I hadn’t heard of before watching SNL.


    The Group Hopper was awesome. The Maze Runner is a terrible book (very poorly written) so if you didn’t understand the purpose, that was likely part of the parody. I teach teenagers, so I’ve read the books and seen the movies, and this sketch had me laughing out loud!

  • As a (perhaps odd) millennial myself my family and I get a kick out of watching Family Feud with Steve Harvey. I just think they didn’t have a great divide as Rob said with the two teams (like NBC vs CBS) to make FF work this week. Plus NBC synergy! As for the impressions I thought Killiam’s impression of Christoph Waltz was great and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the actual Waltz promoting Horrible Bosses 2 in a month (perhaps with an alum host like co-star Jason Sudeikis). As for Morgan Freeman, definitely not Pharaoh’s best.

    I did enjoy the Group Hopper mostly because it pointed how absurd and disjointed many of these dystopian YA movies are. Sure there was no specific movie they were parodying but just they nailed the whole popular genre.

    Despite these differences I do agree there was too much Wigg and it was probably too soon for Davidson to head back to update. As for the Jan Hooks tribute while it seemed like a touching moment I do wish I saw more comedic moments. For someone who was just turning 1 when she left the cast I did not get to see the performances that made her a legend.