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SNL Recap: James Franco Hosts on December 6, 2014


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Podcast recap of Saturday Night Live hosted by James Franco and musical guest Nicki Minaj for December 6, 2014

Rob and Rich are in agreement that this was a fun episode of SNL – Rich says there may not be a lot to love, but there’s definitely a lot to like. The guys start by discussing the “Politics Nation” cold open, as Rob is shocked that SNL has actually found a topical use for the Al Sharpton parody. Rich believes that since the cancellation of CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live,” SNL has struggled to find containers in which to present current news in the cold open, so agrees with Rob that this was a good use for the sketch.

From there, Rob and Rich share their thoughts on James Franco’s topical monologue about the recent Sony hacks (complete with a cameo from his “The Interview” co-star Seth Rogen), the sketch parodying NBC’s “Peter Pan Live” featuring the return of Aidy Bryant’s Tonkerbell, and the Grow-A-Guy short film presented under the banner “A Mike O’Brien Picture”. The guys also talk about the show’s parody of the much-hyped teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII, poking fun at the older actors from the original trilogy. Rob and Rich compare and contrast the use of visual effects in the on-air version versus the online version posted Sunday. Later, they’re joined by Exclaim Magazine editor James Keast to discuss the performance (musically and in sketches) from Nicki Minaj.

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  • Drew Millard

    So this is virtually every week now we’ve seen the host basically “out on an island” away from the cast in the goodnights, as I think Rich put it. I know we had an abbreviated goodnights this episode but it’s a very odd trend. Do you think there was some sort of direction from Lorne or the higher ups to the cast to the tune of “let the host have their moment in the goodnights”? It’s just quite surprising that some of this season’s hosts wouldn’t have had a harmonious week in Studio 8H. What do you guys think is going on here? Really just an extended string of off weeks with the host, or something more?

    • Drew – i watched the full goodnights on Hulu this week. Franco was actively milling about thanking everyone. the string is broken!

      • Drew Millard

        I heard you say this on the podcast after I posted this, great to hear. So we just had an odd string of hosts who were maybe just unsure of how to handle the goodnights? All very interesting.

  • When Rob brought up the missing effect in the Star Wars spoof I was thinking of a completely different instance. The force must not have been with this parody this week…

  • Roberto

    I was really surprised you guys were so high on this episode, I don’t think I laughed once, I was sure you were going to call it the worst of the season so far because I sure did.

  • Dan C

    I loved the Jeremy’s brain skit. From the music references, to kicking out the definition of rhombus, and the movie quotes, it was perfect. Home Alone, Jurassic Park, and Titanic are the trifecta of 90s blockbusters for those born in the 80s, but I like that they didn’t use the most famous quotes from the films.