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SNL Recap: Woody Harrelson Hosts on November 15, 2014

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Recapping Saturday Night Live Season 40, Episode 6 hosted by Woody Harrelson with musical guest Kendrick Lamar on November 15, 2014

Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg (old farts, not young tarts) are back to discuss Saturday Night Live in the usual waaaaaayyyyy…by breaking down the Woody Harrelson hosted SNL with musical guest Kendrick Lamar sketch by sketch. Rob and Rich are largely in agreement that this episode was mostly a hit, even if many of the sketches will prove to be forgettable in the long run. Rich in particular thought that Woody Harrelson was a good host in that while not necessarily funny himself, he was able to have fun on the show while letting the rest of the cast be funny around him.

Rich had a slight bone to pick with the cold open, however, believing that leaning on the “three drinks in” et al. title cards to allow for set changes reflects an older era of SNL that deserves to evolve. He and Rob had more positive things to say about Harrelson’s monologue, enjoying the cameos from his “Hunger Games” co-stars and even Jennifer Lawrence’s flubbed line and subsequent save.

The guys also praised the “Match’d” sketch, where Rich thought Cecily Strong was the MVP in a very strong sketch all around, and Rob was very amused by the “A New Day” short film about New York’s new marijuana laws, particularly Leslie Jones’ performance. They also discussed the continuing rough year for the NFL on Saturday Night Live, the various celebrity impressions in the “Old Farts and Young Tarts” sketch, and check in with James Keast from Exclaim Magazine to discuss the performance from Kendrick Lamar.

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  • Matt Campbell

    I don’t understand the analyzing of the ‘goodbyes’. Seems kinda ridiculous to me to gossip and throw conspiracy theories about cast to host relationships based on where people are standing and who hugs who while credits are rolling.

  • Lindsay Hartman

    Re: the “Honeymoon in Vegas” t shirts during the good-byes… Bobby’s girlfriend is one of the stars of the show. 🙂

    • Bobby has a girlfriend? Rich is going to be heartbroken. 😉

  • Roberto

    I was never a big fan of Rich, he sounded grumpy and too nitpicky, but seeing him, his gestures and reactions, etc, really changed my opinion, I’m not sure why, but it definitely gave me a different view on him.

  • Jason Lee

    Mark Ronson getting the main billing as musical guest next week sets a pretty interesting precedent for SNL, as it may be the first time SNL has had on a musical guest of this type who doesn’t normally sing themselves (as James mentioned, he’s largely a producer/DJ) but usually relies on other singers for vocals. I wonder if this is seen as successful if it will open the door for other EDM DJs down the line, like David Guetta or Avicii or deadmau5.

    And as Rich mentioned, I’m also interested to see what they’ll do for the second song, as Mark Ronson has so far only announced and released one song for his upcoming album (“Uptown Funk”, the Bruno Mars collaboration). According to this Rolling Stone article, there will be an unannounced “very special guest” there as well, so maybe the second song will feature whoever that is as the featured vocalist: