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SNL Recap Dwayne Johnson Hosts on March 28, 2015

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Recorded LIVE at 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT on Sunday, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review the latest Saturday Night Live hosted by Dwayne Johnson


SNL Recap: Dwayne Johnson hosts an all-new SNL

SNL Recap: Dwayne Johnson hosts an all-new SNL

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  • Matthew Gregg

    I don’t know if Good Neighbors being that early in the night was a testament to them improving or the lack of quality sketches. Bambi was also great especially Taran’s Vin Diesel. With notable exception being Jay Pharaoh’s Tyrese which I hated and only essentially amounted to him shouting WOO occasionally.

    Was super stoked to see Ezra perform. Dude is fantastic and deserves all the success he had in 2014.

  • Kate McKinnon’s impression of Robert Durst was certainly not broad, it was spot on. The Jinx was fascinating and extremely well made, I’d recommend it to anyone. Although media has spoiled how it ended now, which for a documentary wouldn’t usually mean anything, but I feel it might diminish it for people who know about the final scene.

    • Petzl

      It a little odd hearing Rob/Rich criticizing the Durst impression, when they hadnt even seen The Jinx. Thought the introduction of Durst was hilarious since it was just so odd/bizarre (_he_ is so odd/bizarre). And then to see McKinnon _nail_ it. An inspired cameo.

      • I was commenting on how it played as a character for people who do not know the source of the impression. Compared to her other impressions, this one did not have the same fun as a new character, but I can’t speak to it’s accuracy because I don’t know Durst. Again, a small nitpick.

    • I agree! Of course SNL MVP McKinnon would nail the Durst impression.

      I was late to the game on The Jinx and watched all six last week after news broke. Despite this I still really enjoyed it especially the last three episodes.

  • Suzi!

    I love Jean Valjean! To me it’s hilarius the way Keenan combines a Frenchman with a Black guy. I do hope they bring him back! Bon to the jour, Rich!

    • I wish I could share the same enthusiasm, but that’s what makes comedy great, we all have different reactions!

  • Suzi!

    This makes me laugh so hard–the way Keenan totally ignores Al Gore sitting there..I’m lmao as I write this ~
    Keenan is so funny and Al Gore plays along perfectly. It just cracks me up that they have time for all these crazy acts but not for Al Gore or Lindsey Buckingham.
    Yes, I’m fangirling but this is news to me that he’s leaving after this season! Hate to see him go.

  • Tvaddic

    In the Rock Cecily sketch the Rock has a joke I think most people missed, during the onion rings are $0.25 exchange, after they “ordered” 200 onion rings the Rock goes “That’s $800” I noticed it and the audience didn’t laugh, he said it kind of quietly. Did anyone else hear it?

    • Good catch. I think I did as well, but there were so many jokes flying around at that point that I didn’t process it. Rob really won me over about how good that sketch was as well!

      • Charles Bikle

        also Rich, I respectfully disagree with you about the sketch not having an ending; the ending was Vanessa Bayer being pressured into eating 200 onion rings she didn’t order. I’m sorry, but that’s a funny ending for ANY sketch.

  • Charles Bikle

    When the writers/performers of SNL really like their host, there definitely seems to be more effort & energy put into the show. Much different tone in this show than most, like the Dakota Johnson episode.

    Also possible that Duane Johnson is kind of like Buck Henry/Alec Baldwin/John Hamm – someone that knows the score, is up for anything and very easy to work with.