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SNL: Reactions to Taran Killam & Jay Pharaoh OUT for Season 42

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Listen to the podcast:

Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah Won’t be Back for Saturday Night Live Season 42

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and  Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) react to the big SNL news from this week about the contracts of Taran Killam and Jay Pharaoh not being picked up for the fall season.

Rob and Rich speculate about what happened and try to figure out what the show will do moving forward.

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  • Matt Racine

    haha awesome! excited for SNL to return in the fall, but more exited for the post show recaps! the SNL podcast is seriously the hidden gem of the #RHAP universe. thanks for your thoughts guys! until the premiere!

  • AaronMcMahon

    My predictions for some season 42 hosts:

    -Kevin Hart and/or Dwayne Johnson, Central Intelligence was one of the few comedy hits of the summer plus Hart was in the blockbuster Secret Life of Pets along with a standup concert film this fall and Johnson has Disney’s Moana around Thanksgiving.

    -Tom Hanks, has Sully and Inferno coming in the fall. I don’t think Hanks has hosted since 2006 but shows up all the time.

    -Margot Robbie, SNL loves the hottest ingenue

    -Darrell Hammond, hasn’t hosted and they should give him the courtesy before the election.

    -Bennedict Cumberbatch: Doctor Strange, Sherlock, come on.

    Justin Timberlake: producing and voicing the lead for Dreamworks’ Trolls, also the theme song Can’t Stop The Feeling.

    -Eddie Redmayne or JK Rowling, NBC Universal has a serious investment in Potter.

    Billy Bob Thorton: Bad Santa 2 is coming out.

    -Chris Pratt or Jennifer Lawrence: both are starring in Passengers opening Christmas. Would be big gets for the Christmas show.

  • cburger

    Great mini-episode, guys

    Lord Wyndemere and Jebediah Atkinson both gone too soon

    In my opinion, the quality of the upcoming season is going to hinge on Kyle Mooney (or Beck Bennett) emerging as a major “SNL” player. Either that or they put Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong near Kate McKinnon’s level. I don’t want to watch “The Kate McKinnon Show” when I know how talented most of the rest of the cast is.

  • Charles Bikle

    Surprising/disappointing as Killam & Pharaoh are 2 of the best comedic impressionists out there, but I guess they could never get any momentum going with the writers. A shame because, I thought both had the potential of being the next Phil Hartman.

    Again, going back to the SNL writers, I’ll never get how impressionists of their caliber don’t inspire some comedy pieces ?

    Maybe it was a generational thing or maybe Killan & Phoenix pissed off the writers and/or Lorne.

  • Charles Bikle

    As for Taran coming back and leaving on good terms, my gut instinct is that that’s just not the case and his preference would be to work in the industry, with as little interaction with Lorne Michaels as possible.

    Of course, if we’re only seeing half the story and their are some Michael’s produced movies/TV shows starring Taran & Jay, coming down the horizon, that would explain things.

    In the Kevin Pollack interview below (somewhere in the middle), Taran eventually discusses his unhappiness on how some of his SNL castmates were let go:

  • TheBayAreaGuy

    The show has cut castmembers previously due to budget cuts though (in 2006 for upcoming S32) –

  • Suzi!

    Terrible to lose Taran!