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SNL 2015 Recap | Donald Trump Hosting Saturday Night Live

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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg will review episode 4 of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live hosted by Donald Trump on November 7, 2015.

Post your questions below for Rob and Rich to answer during their LIVE Blab on Sunday, November 8th @4p/7e.

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  • As a reminder, we are NOT going to be talking politics on the podcast, but we WILL be discussing the fact that Trump is a presidential candidate booked to host the show.

    • MCBAR

      rich im surprised that you guys even bothered making a podcast as they gave up on the show this past week.
      between larry david in the cold open, the live tweet sketch, the white house sketch, and the toots sketch they didnt seem to be even trying to have a snl episode. also what are your feelings with leslie jones on update? is she becoming like pete davidson?

  • Adam Bradford

    Coming off a break, you would have expected this episode to be funny, did the writers purposely make it unfunny because of Trump or did they “leave it on the counter for too many days?”

    Is Larry David ok? Back to back episodes with a cameo; is he strapped for cash? Do either of you know if he lost all his money investing in laser harps? Did Stacy Steve and Startraxxx productions swindle it all away? Maybe he gambled it all away on the Mets winning the World Series.

    Speaking of which, Rob, how many days did you spend in your apartment “crying like a b!+¢h?”

    One last question “It sucks doesn’t it!?”

  • Scott’s thoughts…
    – How do you feel about not saying “…. it’s Saturday Night!”?
    – Wasn’t that a short monologue?
    – Two cameos for LD… Does that fit the RT rules?
    – Sia has a strong voice.
    – Kristen Wiig danced during Sia’s performance at the 2015 Grammy’s. Was this an opportunity for Wiig to return? Dancing would be a non-traditional cameo, as Wiig is unique.
    – Fun Fact… both Drake and Martin Short are Canadian (maybe this was the impetus for the cameo).
    – Drunk Uncle or Riblet… Bobby steals the Update desk every time.
    – As the former pornstar, did Vanessa repeat her line twice on purpose or was it an accident?

  • Brian Hough

    I think the only thing that could have saved this episode is if Larry David calling Trump a racist hadn’t been a bit. At least that would have been interesting. On a side note- how surreal was it when Ivanka came out and got *nothing* from the audience. i don’t think I’ve ever seen a cameo fall quite as flat.

  • Over/under of how many “ohhhh boyyeee” from Rich? Let’s start with 20.

    Either way I’ll say the number will be “HUUUGGGEEE!”

  • Mike Bloom

    Fan fiction theory here: do you think the cast got a raise for doing this episode? If Michael Che’s behavior is any indication, nobody wanted to be there.

  • Lori Delgado

    This podcast was pretty dead on…wish the show would have been the same…

  • Chanan

    I must agree with Rob regarding Sia. The album that is about to drop is her fifth one! She’s been preforming for over a decade – I’ve seen her live twice – and this ‘stage fright’ is definitely a new thing starting with Chandelier. Before hand, both on stage and in her music videos, her face was front and center.

    • Michael Norris

      Yeah, she was having a conversation in a restaurant one day, where her best friend was telling her she had cancer, and someone interrupted their conversation to ask for her autograph. Now she doesn’t want people to know her face.

    • Her stage fright has always been a thing. I believe she has suffered from alcoholism on and off for 10-15 years and so the covering of the face thing, while it may be a little showy, is because a) her face has gotten a little worn down over the years and she doesn’t feel comfortable putting herself front and centre anymore, and b) it’s a much healthier and creative way of dealing with it rather than alcohol or drugs or whatever method she used years ago.

  • Claire

    The Bad Girls was one of my favorites. I thought it was a great statement on how girls/women often trash talk like a badass, but in reality have niceness syndrome, and are overly apologetic. It’s a similar idea to the Key and Peele “OK” sketch.
    I thought what Rob called “mundane” scenes were actually exactly perfect to portray the “all talk/no action” punchline of the sketch.

    • I hear you, but I didn’t think the pacing of the bit worked as well as it could have. (The K&P pacing is fantastic.) But I’m glad you liked it!