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Live Podcast Recap of SNL 40th Anniversary Special broadcast on February 15, 2015.


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  • Matthew Gregg

    SN40 absolutely exceeded my expectations and was fantastic. If I had to point out the low spot for me it was Miley Cyrus singing Paul Simon’s 50 ways to leave your lover. Don’t like her voice/music at all.

    • Josh Mabe TheRacingSource

      yeah really no need for her to sing a Paul Simon song

  • Was anyone else let down with Eddie Murphy’s promoted appearance back? After a long intro from Rock we only got a simple thank you. No characters, impressions or even a real joke!

    I missed the first 40 minutes but I would have liked to have seen a package regarding the craziness of live TV. For example, Sinead O’Connor and Ashlee Simpson’s jig. Sure some of these may look “bad” for the show but there is no question they are legendary and memorable moments from the show’s history!

    • Charles Bikle

      You have a point, but a lot of those ‘live tv” moments came from people who just went completely off-script and/or intentionally worked against the show (Sinead, Martin Lawrence, Milton Berle) and Lorne didn’t just blackball those performers- he didn’t allow those shows to be re-aired. I think the only performer who has been forgiven is Elvis Costello.

  • Antonio Mazzaro

    Does the Eddie beef really have to do with the Spade joke? If so, are you guys #TEAMEDDIE or #TEAMSNL

  • Did everyone know Eddie was only going to come out say a few thanks and leave? If so, I don’t get the big build up. Rock’s intro was great, very touching, big standing O. Was gearing myself up for something big or at the very least meaningful.

    Worst thing of the night = Robert DeNiro. Man he’s like the greatest actor of his generation, but he was so nervous he barely strung a few coherent words together. Painful to watch

    • I’m liking my new theory that maybe there was more to his speech planned, and given it’s live TV, eddie just decided to bail.

    • Kevin Wong

      I think it’s the reading off of cue cards. DeNiro seems to be incapable of doing it.

      Just give the guy bullet points, a time frame, and send him out there. I’m thinking he’ll be just fine.

  • Charles Bikle

    Couple of thoughts:
    1 – I’m with Rich on the Californians – very unfunny sketch and I think it’s more popular with the cast & crew (big pieces that involve most of the cast almost never get cut) and hosts that have a terrible sense of humor.

    2 I think Norm MacDonald was drunk and I don’t think his exaggerated intro was meant as a slight towards Chevy – I believe Norm holds Chevy in pretty high regard based on previous comments he’s made about him.

    • I didn’t know that about NM. Maybe he was just f’ing around because I think norm finds a lot of this stuff silly.

      • Suzi!

        I think The Californians is funny if you live in LA and have to know all these directions to get anywhere, like it becomes an entity in it’s own right or something lol.

    • Sam Paxton

      I just thought Norm was stalling because Chevy wasn’t in place yet. Am I the only one?

      • Charles Bikle

        Yeah, that’s a possibility – one of those situations where Norm’s delivery could have been serving an actual purpose or could just be Norm being Norm.

      • agreed. the most obvious had never occurred to me.

  • Mike Bloom

    So I finally finished watching the anniversary and I finally finished the podcast. My lengthened thoughts are below:
    -I’m definitely in Rich’s camp that I loathe both The Californians and Garth and Kat. But, if they had to flesh out famous sketches from the 2010s, I suppose these were the only two they could go with. Like Rich said, the current cast doesn’t have any recurring characters (something I actually really enjoy about them), and they had to pick at least one sketch that could involve an ensemble. I actually thought Bradley Cooper did the best in The Californians, though the other non-alumni just didn’t work. What can we say about Garth and Kat that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan?
    -I actually wasn’t as perturbed by the lack of Eddie Murphy stuff as much as you guys were. Maybe it’s because I had lowered expectations from knowing what happened, but I found it short, sweet, and classy. I’d put him in the same category as Chevy; I would much rather see these giants of the show come out and be honest and a little more serious than try for a bit and completely whiff it. Though the least he could have done was reprise his “Ebony and Ivory” bit with Piscopo’s Sinatra.
    -Maya Rudolph’s Beyonce is one of those impressions that are actually horrible in terms of mimicking the celebrity, but have great energy. Martin Short stole that segment for me, though.
    -I actually don’t remember too much of the current cast being in the 25th anniversary as well. I know it was a different format, but this is definitely one of those cases of “it’s all about the alumni.”
    -I’m going to have to disagree with Rich about making dedicated segments to people like Don Pardo. I think one of the thinigs that people complain about with the “In Memoriam” segments on award shows are that they tend to highlight more notable people above others, which kind of undermines the rest of the deceased. Phil Hartman is my favorite cast member ever, but I was fine seeing just a card with his name. And I loved how you could tell there were alumni in the audience by the cheers that resounded whenever we saw a card come up for a technical director or hair and make up person that clearly the general audience didn’t know about.
    -I’m unsure as to why they didn’t just have John Goodman be the other Blues Brother. But I guess they wanted to forget as much about “Blues Brothers 2000” as America does.
    -I agree with the “That’s When You Break” song kind of falling apart in premise without showing the circumstances behind the breaking. If I wasn’t watching those retrospectives on VH1 Sunday afternoon, I would have no idea what half of them were about. But it was fun to see Sandler and Samberg together and even give a shoutout to how horrible “That’s My Boy” was.
    -I love how this show has displayed the Mike Myers/Kanye West pairing twice now. I’m shipping them for a new power couple in the 2010s.
    -I agree that Wayne’s World did suffer from being at the end. But I loved how production placing it there was kind of an homage to when it initially aired on the show and how it basically revolutionized the 12:55 sketch.
    Overall, I absolutely loved the show. I very much took Rich’s viewpoint and went in there thinking there wouldn’t be much comedy and too much emphasis on certain performers (*cough cough* Kristin Wiig). But I was pleasantly surprised by nearly everyone’s performances, the people they brought back (Tim Meadows! Will Forte! Molly Shannon!), and the general vibe of the room.
    Great podcast as always, gentlemen! Looking forward to all the bondage jokes we’ll get in 2 weeks time.

    • Mike – great review, thanks! The only thing I would say about Don Pardo is the length of time he was with the show is so unprecedented. I don’t know if anyone, including Lorne, had been there longer.

      • Suzi!

        Pretty amazing resume’. I remember watching the old ‘Jeopardy’ as a kid and Don Pardo was the announcer. He’s been there my whole life, and I’m older than you, Rich!

  • Sid

    Great show, great recap! Low point for me was definitely The Californians. Did not love Emma Stone’s Roseanne Roseannadanna, but I did love the original. When Rich talked about Billy Crystal’s character, Fernando, I wasn’t sure if he is aware that it is a Fernando Lamas imitation.

    • 100% so, but BC has talked a lot about how Fernando started as an impression (after seeing FL on the tonight show actually say “it’s better to look good than to feel good”), but that “he” became a character over time, having little to do with the person it was based on. I think it was a bit of posturing to keep the real FL from getting annoyed at him, and so that he wouldn’t feel as guilty about making the character so broad.
      (Yes I have an opinion about this, too!)

  • Sam Paxton
    • Kevin Wong

      Norm, as always, is great.

  • Charles Bikle
  • cburger

    Rich, remember when your boy, Bobby Moynihan, ranked below Tim Robinson, John Milhiser, Brooks Whelan, Beth Cahill, and Pamela Stephenson on the Rolling Stone cast member ranking? Ooooohh Boooooy.

    • are you trying to ruin by day?

      • cburger

        Yes. But Lorne ruined my day first when he cut Kyle Mooney’s segment.

  • Charles Bikle

    It occurred to me that Garth & Kat would work really well with DeAndre Cole (Kenan from the “What’s Up With That” sketch) – they could just start the song and then DeAndre would take over and finish it. Everybody wins. Except for Rich.

    • Kevin Wong

      Garth and Kat would work better if Garth was Brad Sherwood and Kat was Colin Mochrie.

  • Chris England

    I don’t understand how Alex Trebeck keeps falling for Sean’s bullshit.

    • Kevin Wong

      Because he’s Canadian (now dual citizen) and thus feels obligated to give him a chance?

      I got nothing.

  • WhoReallyCares

    “He gave his life for tourism”

    King Tut is the greatest work of satire put to music.

    Not understanding it when you’re 10 years old is one thing, but, disregarding all context and refusing to comprehend the song now is as ridiculous as Miley Cyrus singing 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.


    just curious if anyone else notices that snl is using alot of boy power this season, besides for the cast they only had 4 female hosts this season and they were spread out between many male hosts. Is this the norm or just their new direction? also even weekend update guests are alot of repeat male characters. im not agreeing to this, just pointing it out.


    they just announced that chris hemsworth is hosting next week, anyone have ideas as to what sketches they might use him in?