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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review episode 3 of the 41st season premiere of Saturday Night Live hosted by Tracy Morgan on October 17, 2015.

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  • Charles Bikle

    Regarding Demi Lovato, as far as talent & stage presence, she’s OK.- her appeal is very much generational and, like you guys, I didn’t know much about her.

    Lovato has a pretty big presence in social media.

    Like most former Disney child-stars, Demi struggled with depression, substance-abuse, body issues and home schooling.

    Lovato is very “networked” – lots of connections in showbiz, the LGBT community, Christian groups, the various charities she’s involved with and, I believe, the Kardashians.

  • homertownie

    So nice to see Tracy Morgan. And it was nice of SNL to give the week off to all the writers and just let the interns write the jokes. Not a single funny joke after Family Feud. Weekend Update was just terrible. Even Tina Fey just phoned it in and had a hard time reading the cue cards. “Scare Tactics” was funnier Tracy Morgan work than this episode.

  • Suzi!

    I agree about the music, it’s not my style. Too self-important.

  • marc nyc

    Was so surprised that you guys didn’t cover the fact that Tracy — who basically has ONE(!) key line in every “Astronaut Jones” sketch (the final response to the alien) — completely flubbed it this week. One line, Tracy! 🙂 So surprised, in fact, that it made me think that you west coasters didn’t even see it… and, upon further research, that might be the case. The Hulu/ version has him nailing the line (“…and let me see it clap!” Lol…) — I assume this is from dress and also what they used on the west coast feed. You can see the version from the live show that we saw on the east coast here:

    ps – related note: due to a college football game, the live show didn’t start until around 11:40pm on the east coast — meaning that anyone who was DVR’ing and didn’t pad extra time missed the last ten minutes of the show… including the flubbed “Astronaut Jones” sketch. With the unflubbed version now the official/archived one online, perhaps everything works out for the best. 🙂

  • homertownie

    By the way, I don’t usually even watch the SNL music, but I enjoy the short and concise review on the podcast anyway. Nice touch on this podcast.

  • Suzi!

    Rob’s right about the candidate overkill. They should only do cameos during election time. I remember Nixon doing Laugh-In saying “Sock it to me?” One line. That was so perfect.