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SNL Recap: J.K. Simmons Hosts on January 31, 2015

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Live Podcast Recap of SNL with host and musical guest J.K. Simmons on January 24, 2015


SNL 2015 Recap: J.K. Simmons hosts Saturday Night Live on January 31, 2015

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  • Suzi!

    I laughed at Teacher Snow Day. I thought the visuals were funny and the production values were good, but I do agree with Rich that it could have been much edgier (think Belushi).
    Also here’s one for Rich, how about The Coneheads come knocking on the door of The Californians, and they’re asking to borrow fried chicken embryos because they just got back from–France– and they need to comsume mass quantities. The Californians can then give them directions to the nearest Denny’s. (Just kidding!)

  • Matthew Gregg

    Mike O’Brien’s digital short was absolutely hilarious. Loved the subtle touches of him switching out his award for Best Cocaine dealer for the Grammy.

  • Suzi!

    I don’t see the audio only podcast :-(

    • RHAP Recapper

      it wasn’t working for me earlier either but looks like it is there now!

      • Suzi!

        Thanks for letting me know!

  • Charles Bikle

    This new cast is going overboard on the musical sketches (especially the pre-taped ones).

  • Suzi!

    Very funny Jeremiah Rhapkinson!!!