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SNL Recap: Kevin Hart Hosts on January 17, 2015

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Recapping Saturday Night Live Season 40 Episode 11 with host Kevin Hart and musical guest Sia on January 17, 2015

SNL RECAP: Review of Kevin Hart hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday, January 17th, 2015

SNL RECAP: Review of Kevin Hart hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday, January 17th, 2015

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  • Just to add a little extra about Sia. She’s suffered from alcohol abuse on and off for about 10 years now and that’s left her looking a bit rough and left her face sort of aged about 20 years, and from what I understand she isn’t too comfortable with how she looks now. She didn’t always suffer from ‘stage-fright’, but now that she has more of a worldwide fame I guess the pressure is much higher (especially with the vacuous vanity of the pop world).

    I do take your point about why put herself through something she’s not comfortable doing. But, at the same time it’s her songs, her voice, and her art and it’s how she earns a living and makes perfect sense for her to want to share it with as many people as she can.

    • James Keast

      Thanks for the note.

      I didn’t mean to suggest that she shouldn’t do whatever she wants with her career, but in terms of live performance, especially if it’s something that she really struggles with, I think she should just walk away. That might not be an option she’s being given by her label/managers etc. however, because while she’s making plenty of bank as a very, very successful songwriter, the label and her artist management team would only make a cut of the Sia music-related income, not the writing side. So if she’s not selling records (because no one is) then they’d want her to tour so they can make some of that sweet Sia cash.

      If she’s clearly not comfortable, she shouldn’t do it. I was merely expressing a desire to have her find a space in the music industry that she’s happy with and where she feels fulfilled without outside pressures to do what’s expected of an artist. I’m sure she’d be as creatively fulfilled with songwriting and recording, which she has been for more than a decade so far.

      On the other hand, I don’t know her, perhaps she’s really enjoying playing live.

      James Keast,, PSRecaps music nerd.

      • I hear you both. I tend to agree with James – if you’re not comfortable on stage, i would hate that you’re being forced by “the industry”, or just peer pressure to perform live to sell your music. the music is good enough to sell yourself. Then again, if it works for Daft Punk…

  • Sam Paxton

    Glad to hear you’re considering the cast “best-of” podcast for the 40th anniversary. Just as a reminder, here’s a link to a series of comments I (we) made in a previous post if you’re having trouble coming up with a format:

    As for the previous anniversary episodes, the 15th (fall of 1989) and the 25th (fall of 1999) both followed a similar format: a cold-open sketch, a monologue, clips packages for every five-year interval (75-80, 80-85, 85-90, etc., all introduced in brief comedy bits by the stars/characters), a Weekend Update package (the 25th reunited Norm, Dennis and Chevy), tributes to late cast members (usually introduced by their closest friend/cast member and that person’s best sketch), musical guests (the 25th famously recreated the moment Elvis Costello got banned from the show, with him crashing the Beastie Boys on stage).

    Make no mistake: the biggest get would be Eddie Murphy (he was presented in 1989 by his entourage making an appearance with Mary Tyler Moore, then he was mentioned during the Update segment in the 25th … he’s still estranged from the show, apparently, after Spade took a shot at him in “Hollywood Minute”).

    The big difference with this special is its airdate — the 15th and the 25th both aired on the Sunday before the season premiere (Bruce Willis hosted the 15th season premiere, so he gave the “goodbye” at the anniversary special).

  • StephenDrabek

    I’d like to throw out there that beginning Wednesday the 28th, VH1 Classic will have their big SNL marathon leading up to literally right before the NBC special. It’s basically what FXX did with The Simpsons, except they’ll be doing the seasons in reverse-order (starting with season 39 and going backwards up to George Carlin), but I believe the episodes WITHIN the seasons will be in order. They won’t show every episode (I have a feeling the early 80s will be largely unrepresented) but there should be a lot of oldies near the end of the marathon for people who haven’t seen them. Anyway, you might want to give this a shout-out during the Shelton recap.

    • Suzi!

      A lot of the Dick Ebersol years were painful to watch.

  • Suzi!

    I thought Brooklyn 2015 was pretty good. I laughed hard at “Looks like somebody put gluten in yo muffin or somethin.”