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SNL43 | Gal Gadot Hosting Saturday Night Live | Oct 7 Recap

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Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) give their thoughts on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Gal Gadot.

Rich and Mike will be back after every episode this season to give their thoughts. Let them know your opinions on the episode on social media and in the comments below. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast feed to be updated on all of the shows coming in this season!


    How long does it take for a season to have its first a plus episode?


    I felt that she did a great job of performing even if it was predictable but mostly fresh allowing beck and kenan to do more what else was missing


    Can we get James back or a musical expert and when will rob do a cameo


    And finally in the first podcast you said that featured players don’t get bumped of the next season but didn’t that happen to cecily and aidy In season 39

    • Mike Bloom

      Good call! Aidy and Cecily did indeed become main cast after their first season as featured players. Though part of me wonders if that was because of the Bill Hader/Fred Armisen/Jason Sudeikis mass exodus.

  • Ben

    Rich – I’m surprised you haven’t commented on Darrell Hammond’s new intros yet. There’s definitely way more energy than there has been before – clearly definitive proof that he listens to this podcast! He’s still obviously no Don Pardo, but then again, nobody is.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I thought this episode was the most solid episode in a while. Maybe it was because Gyllenhal couldn’t keep a straight face to save his life. Plus Kate MacKinnon wasn’t shoved down my throat. Loved the where’s Kanye bit, would watch it if it was an actual show. Best part was that it wasn’t too political either.
    Also I pretty much called the last sketch with the Amazonians and the lesbians.

  • Suzi!

    Yes Rich you are so right about the seriousness on the show as of late. We need to laugh at silly stuff and wacky characters, not rehash what’s being shoved down our throats all week.