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SNL43 | Kumail Nanjiani Hosting Saturday Night Live | Oct 14 Recap

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Rich Tackenberg and Mike Bloom give their thoughts on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Kumail Nanjiani, as well as their predictions for the upcoming David S. Pumpkins animated special.

Rich and Mike will be back after every episode this season to give their thoughts. Let them know your opinions on the episode on social media and in the comments below. And make sure to subscribe to the podcast feed to be updated on all of the shows coming in this season!

  • Matthew Murphy

    The Pennywise sketch was really well done. I like that they actually took a (fairly accurate and well deserved) shot at Hillary instead of treating her like some kind of Deity.

  • I wonder if we got so much Cecily because Kate was in “old woman” makeup for her two live sketch appearances that they probably started on her as soon as the cold open began and her last appearance as an old woman was the last live sketch IIRC of the night.

  • Eart

    Really enjoyed the podcast, as always. Regarding Harvey Weinstein, I see Rich’s point that he (Rich) hadn’t heard of the story yet during last week’s SNL. But don’t you frequently say that one of the challenges that SNL faces is that by the time Saturday rolls around, all the late-night shows have joked about the news which makes it difficult for SNL to do something fresh? This was a big opportunity for SNL — big news that broke on Thursday and built-up through the day on Friday and Saturday.