Saturday Night Live

SNL43 | Saoirse Ronan Hosting Saturday Night Live | Dec 2 Recap

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Rich Tackenberg and Mike Bloom give their thoughts on this week’s all irish episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Saoirse Ronan with musical guest U2.

  • Charles Bikle

    Never been a fan of the musical taped pieces; they always seem forced and not very funny.

    I wonder if Pete Davidson’s “baby walk” sketch was a shot across the bow and perhaps the musical taped pieces are a polarizing element in the writer’s room ?

  • Two quick things about “Welcome to Hell”
    1) I got a quick reminder of the Katy Perry “This is How We Do” music video with the aesthetic. It is not a perfect fit, but it was working for me.
    2) I know that this music is usually written very quickly, but there is a lyric that really stands out. It is mentioned that the world is “button under the desk bad”. That particular piece of information was not revealed until Wednesday afternoon, so either they wrote that song very quickly or they quickly swapped in that lyric. Sorry for not finding a different word for quickly.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I will never ever be able to pronouce the hosts name properly but she did a good job. Closest I can get to her name his Cersi.

  • Matthew Murphy

    When Bono came out I was thinking “boy, I hope he isn’t super obnoxious tonight,” then I saw the megaphone.