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Sons of Anarchy Series Finale Recap| Papa’s Goods


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) recap episode 13, the finale, of the final season of Sons of Anarchy, “Papa’s Goods”.

Our SOA Recap podcast reviews how Jax Teller ties up all of the loose ends and ultimately goes out on his own terms in the Season Finale of Sons of Anarchy


Let us know what your thoughts were from the Sons of Anarchy finale?  Were you happy with how Jax met his demise?

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  • hint

    So I got around to finish SoA finale today. Agree with what you thought, it was a predictable, but a solid finale. No funny business, nothing out of character of the show, but nothing really outstanding either.

    Btw glad to see that it took you 13+ hours of speaking about it this show, but just in time you finally got on the “I got this” bandwagon. Around here(in Estonia, at least among the people I know) that catchphrase is like the thing this show is best known about by people who’ve never seen it. It’s usually used with very confident macho tone in casual conversations whenever you want to establish badassness and let everyone know that you’ll take care of something.

    Overall I think about 4-5 years ago SoA was among my favorites, maybe among my top10 tv-shows. Got really excited every week for the new episode and really enjoyed them. But last couple of years it got rather tiring to keep up with it, but it was still some solid entertainment whenever I forced myself into catching up with it again. Among all the TV shows I’ve more or less properly watched whole way through(100+), I think I’d still rate it into top third still though – I had just so many great times with the show in past.

    I think the thing that really got me was that I really stopped caring about the characters a while ago. I’m the total anti-Rob when it comes to what I liked in the show and what I didn’t care about much. All the last seasons I watched it mainly for the silly violence, the awesome GTA:SoA missions stuff, the gang relations crap, the funny car chases, all the fun goofy stuff and guys doing the badass walking and talk stuff. Like my fav part in ep12 was the weird car chase scene, the one you both hated, I actually watched it later over. All the character stuff seemed just whining and annoying, I had heard it all a million times already and just didn’t care about it any more.

    In regards to Justified, now yes, that is an awesome show! If you liked SoA, you will like Justified for sure. If you didn’t like SoA, can still like Justified.

    In regards to best series finales, I’ve yet to see anything that has gotten close to The Shield finale and that final season.

    Somehow this whole post has smth to do with Walton Goggins 😛