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Sons of Anarchy Season 7, Episode 7: Greensleeves Recap


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) recap episode 7 of the final season of Sons of Anarchy, “Greensleeves”.  Join us LIVE Wednesday, October 22nd at 10:30am ET / 7:30am PT.


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  • ryan webb

    I know you can’t really compare the 2 b/c on 2 different levels but they should of took pointers from breaking bad. stuff seems to just be dragging and dragging.

  • Shannon Kish

    Is Brooke’s Mother, who bares a striking resemblance to the homeless woman that both Jax and Gemma have encountered in previous seasons during times of emotional turmoil and who was revealed to have been somehow evolved in the accident that took his Father’s life, going to reappear in the final season?
    Is the Family Flaw that took Jax’s six year old brother’s life going to take another life before the series end?

    • That makes a lot of sense, I think it will be a dropped ball if they don’t talk about this before the end.

      • Shannon Kish

        I heard in an interview, with show creator Kurt Sutter, that the homeless woman does not appear in the final season. I find this disappointing considering the facts that they not only introduced her daughter into the fold last season, but also explained how she died in the accident that killed Jax’s father. Since she is obliviously not dead, it was a waste to give all of that backstory and not use her as a catalyst for Jax to find out about his mother’s role in his father’s death. On a side note, I do not think that Jax will die in the finale season. I think that Able is going to tell his teacher (Courtney Love) about Grandma’s confession, who will then tell the authorities (Jarry), who will proceed to tell Unser or Chibs, or maybe even both. My guess is the series ends with Jax going to prison for murdering his mother when he finds out the truth about Tara’s death.

  • These Katey Sagal solos are the worst. Bobby wished they cut his ear-balls out. Not only do I not appreciate her singing, it just breaks the 4th wall for me. Is it too late to cast Ed O’Neill as Nero’s uncle?

    It’s time for a patch-over by the Thunder Dragons: